The best places to visit in April

written by Shafik Meghji
updated 3/11/2020
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Spring in the northern hemisphere brings warmer weather, making it an excellent time to soak up the early sun in Marrakesh or take in the rhododendron displays in Sikkim. Over in Australia, you can visit Uluru without the crowds – or the heat. Here are our tips on the best places to visit in April.

Go rhino-spotting in Nepal

Most people associate Nepal with mountains, but a thin southern stretch of the country is resolutely flat. These plains, which are known as the Terai, have two wonderful national parks, Chitwan and Bardia . Both are home to endangered one-horned rhinos, as well as tigers and elephants. The easiest time to spot these majestic creatures is in the spring when the long grasses have been cut down to size.

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Rhinoceros grazing in a forest clearing in Nepal’s Chitwan National Park © Ayotography/Shutterstock

Show mother nature you care in Costa Rica

April 22nd is Earth Day, and what better place to spend it than immersed in Costa Rica ’s spectacular flora and fauna? Indeed, Costa Rica is one of the most biodiverse places in the world. You'll find hundreds of species here that don't exist anywhere else on the planet. From rainforest conservation to assisting at a sea turtle hatchery , there are plenty of worthwhile projects to join. If that's not enough, idyllic temperatures make this one of the best places to visit in April.

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Turtle hatchlings make their way to the ocean in Costa Rica © Susan M Jackson/Shutterstock

Wander Sikkim’s rhododendron forests

Between mid-April and mid-May, head to the rhododendron forests of Sikkim . This tiny, mountainous state is in the northeast of India, sandwiched between China, Bhutan, Nepal and Tibet. In spring the rhododendrons burst into full bloom. They are best experienced on a walk or trek in the state's Singalila region. Here you’ll find the 104-square-kilometre Varsey Rhododendron Sanctuary, a botanical haven with black bears and red pandas, as well as sublime vistas across a carpet of pink, red and violet rhododendrons to the Himalayas beyond.

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The vibrant green forests of Sikkim, India © Niladrilovesphotography/Shutterstock

Celebrate St George’s Day in England

On the 23rd April, St George’s Day is marked with festivities across England , notably at various National Trust properties. Alongside re-enactments of damsel-rescuing and dragon-slaying, expect a selection of quintessentially English activities. This might include jousting displays, maypole and Morris dancing, and of course, cream teas (but hopefully not rain).

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Morris dancers celebrate the arrival of Spring © JaneHYork/Shutterstock

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Enjoy King's Day in the Netherlands

Two pillars of quintessentially Dutch culture combine this month, and each is more than enough reason to make for the Netherlands . Firstly, April marks the last month to enjoy the country’s famed tulip season. Flowers grow in the easily accessible northern regions, where the dull of winter transforms into a vibrant patchwork of rainbow rows. Secondly, April 27th is King’s Day: Holland’s biggest national event. It's one of the best free best parties in the world. Expect concerts, markets, fairs and a sea of orange-clad celebrants flooding Amsterdam ’s scenic sidewalks, spilling out onto the boats bobbing on the canals.

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King's Day in Amsterdam, Netherlands © Anton Ermachkov/Shutterstock

Marvel at submerged Salar, Bolivia

April is (generally) the end of the rainy season in Bolivia . During the rains, the Salar de Uyuni, the world’s biggest salt lake, becomes partly submerged. The blistering white plains – flanked by mountains and smouldering volcanoes – are transformed into a vast, shimmering mirror. It's a truly unique experience, and one not to miss for keen photographers.

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Salar de Uyuni's springtime reflections © Vladimir Mielnik/Shutterstock

Explore Australia's Uluru on foot

Australia is one of the best places to travel in April, with the start of the month an ideal time to visit Uluru . In April, tourist season has yet to get into full swing and daytime temperatures (which can hit 40ºC in summer) are more manageable. A fine way to experience Uluru is the ten-kilometre hike around the base of the rock, which takes three to four hours. If you’re still feeling energetic, the hike can be combined with the two-kilometre Mala Walk, which passes by rock art, caves and shaded pools en route to the Kanju Gorge.

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Uluru in the evening sunshine, Australia © Uwe Aranas/Shutterstock

Enjoy Marrakesh in the springtime

With the temperatures hovering around 22ºC, late April is a wonderful time to visit Marrakesh . A visit to the city's famous Jemaa el Fna square really is a fascinating experience. As dusk falls, the square comes alive with an eclectic cast of musicians, storytellers, fortune-tellers, henna-painters, acrobats, medicine men, and snake charmers. Of course, there are a fair few pickpockets and scam artists too so stay vigilant. The innumerable food stalls here are an attraction in their own right. You can try everything from tasty merguez sausages to rather more exotic stewed snails and sheep’s heads.

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The famous Jemaa el Fna square in Marrakech at dusk © Jose Ignacio Soto/Shutterstock

Top image: Salar de Uyuni's springtime reflections, Bolivia © Vladimir Mielnik/Shutterstock

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written by Shafik Meghji
updated 3/11/2020
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Shafik is an award-winning travel writer, journalist and co-author of more than 40 Rough Guides to destinations across Latin America, Asia, Oceania, Europe and North Africa. A regular contributor to the Rough Guide to Everywhere podcast, he writes and takes photos for BBC Travel, Wanderlust and Atlas Obscura, among others. His new book, Crossed Off The Map: Travels in Bolivia, will be published in late 2021. Follow him @shafikmeghji on Twitter and Instagram.

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