Weather in Medellin in April

Understanding the weather in Medellín in April is essential to plan a memorable trip. April brings spring, which is always a great time to visit any country, including Colombia. Prices remain low at this time, and crowds are thin. Still, adventurers and cultural explorers such as yourselves should know what Medellin is like in April to make the most of your trip!

Is March a good month to visit Medellín? 

Colombia is a country conveniently located near the Equator, meaning the weather here is decided more by topography and altitudes and less by the seasons. Colombia two famous cities have two different climates. Medellín enjoys a year-round spring-like climate, while Bogota in April tends to be chillier because it is above sea level and experiences a rainy season. 

April often falls in the shoulder season, offering a sweet spot for those seeking a balanced travel experience. To be fair, Medellín has consistently low humidity levels throughout the year, providing outdoor tourist activities all year. So, travel whenever the trip fits your busy schedule, and don't wait for any particular month!

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Temperatures in Medellín in April

Medellín experiences moderate temperatures in various regions in April. The city's elevation is one of the reasons the climate is pleasant. The evenings cool down slightly and create a comfortable environment for outdoor activities. You can culturally explore the city centre or embark on outdoor adventures in the surrounding areas.

The average daily temperature ranges from 22°C (71F) to 15°C (59F), and the climate is often described as mildly cool and humid. For comparison, January is the coldest month, with daily temperatures between 14°C (57F) and 22°C (72F).

With the weather in Medellín in April being typically warm, it is also one of the wettest months, but thankfully, showers are short-lived, and you will enjoy the sun for more than seven hours a day. There is a 99% chance of rain on the average day, with 54.5 mm (2.14 inches) of rain.

For more detailed info about the weather, read our article about the best time to visit Colombia.

Metropolitan cathedral church in Medellin, Colombia © Shutterstock

Metropolitan cathedral church in Medellin, Colombia © Shutterstock

What about crowds and costs?

April is a month that firmly falls in the shoulder season for travel to Colombia. This means avoiding large tourist crowds and, at the same time, avoiding the highest prices and airfares. This is also the perfect time to visit Cartagena, on the Caribbean coast. During the peak season, the city can be oppressively crowded, but the hustle and bustle is more manageable in April.

As part of the shoulder season, April also brings potential pricing advantages compared to the busier high-season accommodations, as you are offered reasonable rates during this time. In contrast, months like July often see a surge in traffic, resulting in higher prices and bigger crowds. So April is the best choice for those looking for a more relaxed experience without compromising on weather conditions.

Unforgettable and Fully Customisable Medellín Itineraries

Are you ready to plan your dream trip to Medellín? Rough Guides' local experts can help you create fully customisable and unforgettable itineraries tailored to your preferences. Here are three enticing trip options you should definitely consider that are suitable to the weather in Medellín in April:

  • Medellín and Cartagena Medley (5 days): Experience Medellín and Cartagena in a different way. Sear through the Medellín sky with a thrilling paragliding adventure, or explore the colonial charm of Cartagena and the unique Mud Volcano. 
  • Adventure Trip in and around Medellín (4 days): Enjoy Medellín and Rio Claro and indulge in thrilling adventure activities. City tours, zip lining, rafting, and exploring the lush rainforest.
  • Magnificent Colombian Highlights (11 days): Explore Bogota’s bustling streets to Cartagena’s colourful charm. Explore the stunning natural wonders of Puerto Narino while learning about Medellín's vibrant culture.

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What to do and see in Medellín in April

With the favourable conditions allowed by the weather in Medellín in April, this is the perfect time to visit several festivals and events that will add that cultural rig to your visit. An interesting event is the large processions that march through the city during Semana Santa (Holy Week) to places of worship to celebrate Easter.

Attend the Medellín International Poetry Festival and the Feria de las Flores (Flower Festival) for a unique insight into the city's vibrant arts and culture scene. They portray the essence of Medellín's identity and offer an opportunity to engage with the locals.

The first week of April is reserved for the Living Legends of Salsa (Las Leyendas Vivas de la Salsa) concert. This is when salsa musicians from around the world come together for a night of music and dancing at La Macarena.

The city of Valledupar comes alive every year in late April for the Fiesta Leyenda Vallenata. It’s a four-day celebration of locally invented vallenato music, with crowds gathering in Plaza Alfonso Lopez during the day. Tens of thousands pack the concert area by the river for more fun at night. The festival concludes with an award ceremony for the best musician.

Colorful houses in Guatape Colombia

Guatape is a great city to visit just 2 hours from Medellin © Shutterstock

Visit Medellín in different months

Here's a list to help you find the best time for your Medellín adventure by picking the right weather in Medellín in April:

  • January: falling within the dry high season, January sees warm days, low rainfall and a decrease on December’s crowds.
  • February: still warm, and with fewer crowds than the preceding months, February sees a slight increase in rain.
  • March:expect more rain as the region transitions to the wet season, with warm daytime temperatures, and pleasantly mild mornings and evenings.
  • May: high season is on the horizon, so visit in May for lower prices, smaller crowds, comfortable temperatures and blooming greenery as a result of the rain.
  • June: this month sees the start of the summer high season and heralds warmer temperatures that invite outdoor adventuring during a mini-dry season.
  • July: sitting at the height of the dry, summer high season, expect lively festivals, larger crowds and higher costs.
  • August: part of the high summer season period, extra crowds visit for the famous flower festival
  • September: this month sees Medellín shift back into the wetter season, with a mix of sunny days and increased rainfall in the afternoon.
  • October: despite increased rain, the city maintains its "Eternal Spring" temperatures. Explore outdoors in the morning and enjoy cultural activities during wetter afternoons.
  • November: one of the wettest periods of the year, this shoulder-season month offers small crowds and green scenery.
  • December: hola full-on festive high season! Attracting peak visitor numbers, December is stacked with events and sees the city shift back to the dry season.
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