Weather in Medellín in March

Planning a trip to Medellín in the spring? The weather in Medellín in March can significantly impact the vacation experience. The best time to plan a trip to Medellín is during the summer, between June and August, or in December. These months have less rain and more festivities than the rest of the year, making planning outdoor activities like leisurely walks or relaxing parks easy. 

Is March a good month to visit Medellín? 

Temperatures in Medellín are pleasant year-round, with 21°C (70F) being the average. According to travellers, the City of Eternal Spring has warm days and cool nights with some light wind blowing through the Aburravalley. With that in mind, you should also prepare for unpredictable weather.

This vibrant Colombian city has two wet seasons, one dry and one somewhat dry. Spring and fall are the wet seasons when rain falls almost daily for a few hours throughout the city. The average rainfall in March is 139 mm (4.4in).

Winter falls in the dry season, while summer falls in the somewhat dry season. June to August have less rain, but the precipitation frequency remains high.

In general, Medellín's perceived humidity level remains low year-round. It offers outdoor tourist activities throughout the year, so any time is ideal for travel! Antioquia’s surrounding area and scenery are breathtaking, and the people are incredibly welcoming.

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Things not to miss Colombia: Medellin Slums, cable car.

Tip: take the cable car over Medellin ©Shutterstock

Temperatures in Medellín in March 

The temperatures in Medellín during this month typically range from an average low of 17°C (63°F) in the early mornings to a more pleasant high of 25°C (78°F) in the afternoons. The weather is slightly warmer from the middle of December to early March. 

The weather in Medellín in March experiences mild and consistent temperatures throughout the region. The city's above sea level elevation of around 1,500 meters (4,900 feet) contributes to its pleasant, cool climate. The temperature is relatively consistent whether you're exploring the urban landscapes or venturing into the surrounding mountains.

Read all about the weather in our article about the best time to visit Colombia.

Metropolitan cathedral church in Medellin, Colombia © Shutterstock

Metropolitan cathedral church in Medellin, Colombia © Shutterstock

What about crowds and costs?

The weather in Medellín in March is the most favourable to avoid the peak tourist season. Although you will not find crowds like in July, the city attracts a decent number of visitors looking for vibrant cultural experiences and a pleasant climate. You can enjoy popular attractions in March without long queues and crowded spaces.

Accommodation and other tourist services are generally affordable during this time, offering an opportunity to explore Medellín without breaking the bank. This is not the case during peak season, which is why you need to do your bookings months ahead.

a green view of Medellin, Antioquia, Colombia

A green view of Medellin © Shutterstock

Unforgettable and Fully Customisable Medellín Itineraries

Ready to plan your dream trip to Medellín? Rough Guides' local experts can help you create fully customisable and unforgettable itineraries tailored to your preferences. Here are three enticing trip options you should definitely consider:

  • Magnificent Colombian Highlights (11 days): Explore the vibrant beauty of Colombia. This trip includes everything from Bogota’s bustling streets to Cartagena’s colourful charm. Explore the stunning natural wonders of Puerto Narino while also learning about Medellín's vibrant culture.
  • Fascination Colombia - Medellín and Cartagena (11 days) - This lovely itinerary includes stays in two different cities: Medellín and Cartagena. Learn about Colombian culture and traditions, such as Guatape, an authentic cooking class, horseback riding in the countryside, and more.
  • Unforgettable Colombia - cities, coffee and islands (13 days) - Explore Colombia's three main areas, including the capital, Bogotá, and the beautiful colonial town of Villa de Leyva. Then, head to the Coffee Region to learn more about this vital product in the local economy. Your final days are spent by the coast, where Cartagena and the islands await.

What to do and see in Medellín in March

  • Parque Arvi: Take a cable car to Parque Arvi for stunning city views and surrounding mountains. Explore the park's trails and enjoy a picnic amidst nature.
  • Comuna 13 Graffiti Tour: Discover the vibrant street art scene in Medellín's Comuna 13. 
  • Botero Plaza: Admire the impressive collection of Fernando Botero's sculptures in Plaza Botero. The open-air museum showcases the renowned artist's iconic chubby figures.
  • Guatape and El Peñol: Take a day trip to Guatape and climb the 740 steps of El Peñol for panoramic views of the surrounding lakes and hills.
  • Jardín Botánico de Medellín: Stroll through the Botanical Garden of Medellín, home to a vast array of plant species and a butterfly sanctuary.

If you're still looking for options for your spring trip, also explore our list of the best holiday destinations in March.

View of The Rock near the town of Guatape

Climb the 740 steps of El Peñol for panoramic views ©Shutterstock

Visit Medellín in different months

If the weather in Medellín in March doesn't fit your travel plans, consider visiting it in other months of the year. Each season has its charm and distinct experiences. Here's a list to help you find the best time for your Medellín adventure:

  • January: falling within the dry high season, January sees warm days, low rainfall and a decrease on December’s crowds.
  • February: still warm, and with fewer crowds than the preceding months, February sees a slight increase in rain.
  • April: offering lush scenery, this month sees increased rain, relatively few visitors, and warm daytime temperatures.
  • May: high season is on the horizon, so visit in May for lower prices, smaller crowds, comfortable temperatures and blooming greenery as a result of the rain.
  • June: this month sees the start of the summer high season and heralds warmer temperatures that invite outdoor adventuring during a mini-dry season.
  • July: sitting at the height of the dry, summer high season, expect lively festivals, larger crowds and higher costs.
  • August: part of the high summer season period, extra crowds visit for the famous flower festival
  • September: this month sees Medellín shift back into the wetter season, with a mix of sunny days and increased rainfall in the afternoon.
  • October: despite increased rain, the city maintains its "Eternal Spring" temperatures. Explore outdoors in the morning and enjoy cultural activities during wetter afternoons.
  • November: one of the wettest periods of the year, this shoulder-season month offers small crowds and green scenery.
  • December: hola full-on festive high season! Attracting peak visitor numbers, December is stacked with events and sees the city shift back to the dry season.
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