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Join us on a journey through Morocco, a land of mesmerizing contrasts and vibrant culture. Our guide is your gateway to exploring the best of this enchanting country, offering not just one, but multiple meticulously crafted Morocco itineraries. Whether you're seeking the bustling energy of Marrakech, the serene vastness of the Sahara, or the historic charm of Fez, our diverse selections cater to all kinds of travellers. Each itinerary is thoughtfully designed with our travel experts to showcase the unique facets of Morocco, assuring an experience that resonates with your travel aspirations. From the labyrinthine alleys of ancient medinas to the tranquil beauty of the Atlas Mountains, our itineraries unveil the wonders of Morocco in ways that are both authentic and exhilarating.

Itinerary tips from Jana: your Moroccan Travel Expert

"Planning your Morocco itinerary is an exciting adventure in itself," says Jana, our in-house Moroccan travel expert. The importance of crafting a well-thought-out itinerary cannot be overstated. Morocco is a mosaic of cultures, landscapes, and experiences. Each city, from the lively streets of Marrakech to the tranquil beaches of Essaouira, has its unique charm and attractions. A tailored itinerary helps you maximize your time, ensuring you don’t miss out on the hidden gems and cultural highlights that make Morocco truly special.

With years of experience and in-depth local knowledge, I’m here to guide you through the complexities of travel planning. Whether you're interested in exploring ancient medinas, experiencing the vibrant local markets, or embarking on scenic hikes in the Atlas Mountains, a well-planned itinerary ensures a seamless and enriching travel experience. 

Let's work together to create a journey that reflects your interests, pace, and style, making your Moroccan adventure unforgettable."

If you are planning your travel to Morocco yourself, use these itineraries created by our travel writers as a starting point for inspiration.

For more inspiration, check our itineraries by duration: 7 days - 10 days 

7 day Morocco itinerary

Embarking on a 7-day itinerary through Morocco offers a perfect balance between exploration and relaxation. 

Day 1 and Day 2 are best spent in Marrakech, immersing yourself in the vibrant Jemaa el-Fnaa square and exploring the historic palaces and gardens. On Day 3, venture to the Atlas Mountains, indulging in a guided hike that reveals breathtaking landscapes. 

Day 4 calls for a journey to Ait Benhaddou, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, where ancient kasbahs tell tales of a bygone era. Spend Day 5 traversing the captivating Dades Valley, known for its stunning rock formations and traditional Berber villages. Day 6 is an excursion to the mesmerizing Sahara Desert. Experience a camel trek and an overnight stay in a desert camp under the stars. 

Finally, on Day 7, return to Marrakech, allowing time to savor the local cuisine, shop in the souks, or simply relax in one of the city’s serene riads. This itinerary offers a comprehensive experience of Morocco’s diverse landscapes and rich culture, ensuring every day is filled with discovery and delight.

The weather in Morocco in May is great for bike tours © Shutterstock

Biking in the Atlas Mountains © Shutterstock

10 day Morocco itinerary

Your 10-day Moroccan adventure begins with a Day 1 arrival in Casablanca, offering leisure time in the evening and an overnight stay. Day 2 unveils the majestic Hassan II Mosque in Casablanca, followed by a tour of Rabat's landmarks including Oudaia Kasbah and the Mausoleum of Mohamed V, before heading to Chefchaouen for the night. 

Day 3 is dedicated to exploring the enchanting blue city of Chefchaouen, visiting the "Spanish" mosque and enjoying the local medina. The journey continues on Day 4 to Fez, delving into the ancient quarters of Fez el-Bali and its historic sites. Day 5 features a day trip to Meknes and the Roman Ruins of Volubilis, returning to Fez for the night.

Day 6 and Day 7 are an immersion into the Sahara Desert, from the Middle Atlas mountains to the Erg Chebbi dunes in Merzouga, including a desert camp experience with a campfire. Day 7 is rich with a sunrise dune photography session, a camel caravan, and optional trips to local attractions. 

Day 8 takes you from the desert through the Sarhro volcanic mountains, Nekob, Draa Valley, Agdz, and the iconic Ksar of Ait BenHaddou, ending with an arrival in Marrakech. Day 9 is spent exploring Marrakech’s vibrant medina, Bahia Palace, and Djemaa el-Fna square. Finally, on Day 10, depart from Marrakech or Casablanca airport, concluding your Moroccan odyssey.


Chefchaouen, also known as the Blu City © Shutterstock

14 day Morocco itinerary

Embark on a 14-day Moroccan odyssey, beginning in Tangier. Spend Days 1 and 2 absorbing the city's unique charm and unwinding in Petit Socco's historic cafés. Then, head to Chefchaouen for Days 3 and 4, where you can relish the laidback atmosphere and the picturesque blue streets of this tranquil town.

Days 5 and 6 are for exploring Meknes, including Moulay Ismail’s Ville Impériale, and the nearby Roman ruins of Volubilis. Next, immerse yourself in the bustling souks and tanneries of Fez el Bali on Days 7 and 8, a quintessential Moroccan experience in Fez.

Journey to Merzouga on Days 9 and 10 to witness the majestic Erg Chebbi dunes of the Sahara, offering a breathtaking desert escapade. On Day 11, discover the stunning architecture and history of Aït Benhaddou, home to some of Morocco's most impressive kasbahs.

The High Atlas Mountains await on Day 12, offering the best trekking experiences through ancient mule tracks and secluded Berber villages. Day 13 in Marrakesh is a whirlwind of activity, from bartering for goods in the medina to the vibrant theater of Jemaa el Fna.

Conclude your journey on Day 14 in Essaouira, an artsy coastal town perfect for a relaxing day topped off with a fresh fish supper. This comprehensive itinerary blends Morocco's urban energy with rural charm, offering an unforgettable exploration of its diverse landscapes and rich cultural tapestry.

Essaouira in Morocco © Shutterstock

Essaouira in Morocco © Shutterstock

The best time for a Morocco holiday

Visiting Morocco offers a unique experience in each season. The best time to visit Morocco is during spring (April to June) and autumn (September to November), when the weather is pleasantly warm, perfect for exploring historic cities like Marrakech, Fes, and Casablanca, and for outdoor activities in the Atlas Mountains. 

Summer (July and August) is ideal for beachgoers, especially in coastal cities like Essaouira and Agadir, though it's hotter inland. Winter (December to February) offers cooler weather, suitable for cultural tours in cities and potentially snow in the mountains, with fewer tourists for a more authentic experience. Each season in Morocco caters to different interests, from cultural exploration to beach relaxation and outdoor adventures.

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