Rome in June: weather and climate tips

Olga Sitnitsa

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Olga Sitnitsa

updated 06.06.2024

Discover the mesmerising charm of Rome and let us tell you about the weather in Rome in June. Experience the timeless charm of a city brought to life by the early summer sun. From the captivating Vatican Museums to the artistic treasures of the Palazzo Barberini, take advantage of the pleasant June climate to discover the unforgettable heart and soul of Rome.

Is June a good time to visit Rome?

June is generally considered a great time to visit Rome. The weather in Rome in June is warm and pleasant, making it a popular month among tourists. One of the main advantages of visiting Rome in June is the long daylight hours, allowing you to make the most of your time exploring the city. Evenings remain pleasantly warm, making for pleasant al fresco dining and stroll through the city's charming streets.

June also marks the start of the summer season, bringing with it a vibrant atmosphere and a host of cultural events, festivals and outdoor concerts. The city comes alive with energy and activity, offering visitors a rich palette of experiences.

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Titus Arch and the Roman Colosseum in Rome, Italy as seen from the Palatine Hill © Shutterstock

Titus Arch and the Roman Colosseum in Rome, from the Palatine Hill © Shutterstock

Air & sea temperatures in Rome in June

Weather in Rome in June sees warm and pleasant temperatures both in the air and on the coast. The average daily temperature in Rome in June usually ranges from 22-29°C (72-84°F). This warm and pleasant climate is ideal for outdoor activities, sightseeing and exploring the city's attractions.

On the coast of Rome, the sea temperature in June is also very pleasant. It averages 23°C (73°F). Although not as warm as during the peak summer months, the sea is generally comfortable for swimming and water activities, allowing you to take a break from the heat.

Is Rome warm in June?

Yes, the weather in Rome in June is really warm. In this month, the city enjoys a pleasant and warm climate, and the daytime creates a comfortable and favourable atmosphere for outdoor activities, sightseeing and exploring the city's many attractions.

Evenings in June also remain relatively warm, making for pleasant al fresco dining, strolls through charming streets and evening events. The longer daylight hours further contribute to the warm and cosy atmosphere in the city.

June marks the beginning of the summer season, so Rome has increased solar activity and a lively atmosphere. It is important to remember that due to the warm weather and popularity of this time of year, tourist sites and outdoor areas may be more crowded.

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Neptune Fountain, Piazza Navona, Rome @ Shutterstock

What about the crowds & costs?

June is one of the busiest months for tourism in Rome. The combination of good weather in Rome in June, school holidays and various festivals attracts a large number of tourists to the city. Popular attractions can be crowded, resulting in longer queues and waiting times. It is therefore advisable to arrive early, purchase tickets for queue-free entry and plan your visit strategically to maximise your time.

Due to the high demand from tourists, prices for accommodation, flights and some services tend to be higher in June. Hotel prices may be at their highest, and restaurants and other holiday destinations may also be higher. While this is the price to pay for the bright summer atmosphere and longer daylight hours, budget-conscious travellers may need to plan and book in advance to get more reasonable prices.

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Iconic view on Vatican Gardens from the dome of St. Peter's Basilica © Shutterstock

Iconic view on Vatican Gardens from the dome of St. Peter's Basilica © Shutterstock

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Castel Sant'Angelo at sunset with tourists © Shutterstock

Castel Sant'Angelo at sunset with tourists © Shutterstock

What to do in Rome in June

With the radiant embrace of weather in Rome in June, the city offers a host of exciting experiences that beckon. As the sun floods the city with warm light, climb Gianicolo Hill for panoramic views that capture Rome's enchanting skyline.

Venture beyond Rome to explore the treasures that lie nearby. Tivoli is home to the magnificent Villa Hadrian, an ancient Roman villa complex adorned with majestic architecture, statues and serene landscapes. Castelli Romani beckons with its charming towns nestled in the Alban Hills, where quaint villages, charming piazzas and enchanting lakes can be found.

June's cultural life is filled with colourful festivals. Visit the enchanting Infiorata di Genzano festival, where the streets are decorated with intricate floral carpets in honour of the Feast of Corpus Christi. Immerse yourself in the harmonious notes of Festa della Musica, a citywide music festival that fills Rome's squares, streets and parks with melodious tunes.

June in Rome also brings the colourful Festa di San Giovanni (Festa di San Giovanni) on 24 June, celebrated with traditional processions and fireworks by the Tiber River. The warmth of June surrounds the city, inviting you to immerse yourself in its cultural atmosphere, savour its culinary delights and become part of its festive spirit.

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Roman Ruins inside the Great Baths at Villa Adriana (Hadrian's Villa), Tivoli, Italy © Shutterstock

Roman Ruins inside the Great Baths at Villa Adriana, Tivoli, Italy © Shutterstock

Olga Sitnitsa

written by
Olga Sitnitsa

updated 06.06.2024

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