Rome in November: weather and climate tips

Olga Sitnitsa

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Olga Sitnitsa

updated 06.06.2024

The weather in Rome in November has an enchanting charm. Check out our weather and climate tips to make the most of your visit. Experience the city adorned in warm autumn hues, as pleasant temperatures and vibrant festivals welcome you. This guide will ensure you embrace Rome's picturesque autumnal magnificence during your unforgettable adventure in the eternal city.

Is November a good time to visit Rome?

November is a great time to visit Rome. The weather in Rome in November is usually mild and the city is less crowded than during peak tourist seasons.

November is considered the "shoulder" season for tourism in Rome. Compared to peak months such as June-August, there are fewer tourists in the city and the main attractions are less crowded. This makes it easier and less time-consuming to see famous sights such as the Colosseum, the Vatican and the Roman Forum.

In November, the neighbourhoods and parks of the city are covered with autumn leaves, creating a picturesque and romantic atmosphere. The charming atmosphere adds a unique touch to your excursions and strolls through Rome's historic streets.

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Italy, Lazio, Rome, Colosseum, the Colosseum in warm light

Italy, Lazio, Rome, Colosseum, the Colosseum in warm light @ Shutterstock

Temperatures in Rome in November

The weather in November in Rome experiences a noticeable shift in its climate as the city transitions from the warmth of summer to the cool embrace of autumn. Average temperatures during this month typically range from 10°C to 17°C (50°F to 63°F).

While the scorching heat of summer has subsided, November in Rome still offers pleasant weather for exploring the city's rich history and cultural treasures. Crisp mornings and evenings invite visitors to don cozy layers, while daytime temperatures often allow for comfortable outdoor activities.

The occasional rainfall can add a touch of romance to Rome's charming streets, making it an ideal time for savouring a warm espresso at a quaint café or strolling through the city's iconic landmarks without the crowds of peak tourist season.

Rough Guides tip: If you're drawn to warmer temperatures but also don't want to face the crowds of tourists September and October in Rome offer a warm and peaceful atmosphere.

Aerial view of Santa Severa on the coast and the sea, Lazio in Italy © Shutterstock

Aerial view of Santa Severa on the coast and the sea, Lazio in Italy © Shutterstock

What to wear in Rome in November?

Rome takes on a captivating beauty in November thanks to the mild autumn weather, which creates the perfect conditions for exploring the eternal city. As the city seamlessly transitions from autumn to winter, visitors can enjoy the beauty of the changing seasons and see the surroundings adorned with warm, earthy hues.

To stay warm while visiting the city, it's best to bring layered clothing. Bring warm jumpers, long sleeve shirts, and light jackets to adjust to the temperature changes. A medium coat or jacket will come in handy for chilly mornings and evenings, while a scarf and gloves will keep you warm during colder moments.

It sometimes rains in November, so it is not unreasonable to bring an umbrella or a waterproof mackintosh. Comfortable walking shoes are essential for exploring Rome's charming cobbled streets and secluded alleyways leading to such iconic sites.

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Is Rome cold in November?

Rome in November has a mild climate, but cooler than the summer months. The mornings and evenings, while not very cold, can be chilly, which requires light jackets or jumpers. There are fewer tourists in the city at this time of year, allowing for more relaxed sightseeing.

So, while November is not cold, the temperature in Rome drops noticeably, making it an ideal time to explore the city's rich history and culture without the scorching summer heat and crowds of tourists.

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What to do in Rome in November

The November weather in Rome reveals an abundance of enchanting experiences that capture the essence of the eternal city. Start your journey by seeing iconic sights such as the awe-inspiring Colosseum, the historic Roman Forum and the magnificent Pantheon. Head to the heart of the Vatican to see the grandeur of St Peter's Basilica and immerse yourself in the art world of the Vatican Museums.

November is also perfect for leisurely strolls through the city's charming neighbourhoods, such as Trastevere, with its cobbled streets, charming cafes and lively atmosphere. The Jewish Ghetto beckons with its rich history and attractive restaurants, offering an insight into Rome's diverse culture.

November in Rome also boasts a delightful culinary scene, featuring seasonal delicacies such as roasted chestnuts, artichokes and hearty stews. Sample local wines and traditional Italian dishes in cosy trattorias and restaurants.

Soak up the spirit of this ancient city during festivals such as All Saints' Day, when Romans pay tribute to their ancestors, and the Rome Jazz Festival, which attracts music lovers from all over the world.

Brighten up your visit to Rome with day trips to nearby towns, such as Tivoli, home to Villa d'Este and Hadrian's Villa, or discover the ancient ruins of Ostia Antica, a remarkably preserved Roman port city.

In November, Rome invites you to become part of its timeless charm, offering an array of experiences that reflect its history, culture and seasonal wonders.


Weather in Rome in November is ideal for a dau trip to Ostia Antica, Italy @ Shutterstock

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Olga Sitnitsa

written by
Olga Sitnitsa

updated 06.06.2024

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