The Best 10-Day Italy Travel Itinerary

Frequently topping polls of the most beautiful countries in the world, Italy is a diverse destination that deserves repeat visits. That said, it’s perfectly possible to pack plenty of unforgettable experiences into a 10-day trip. The question is, how to choose where to go? Read on to discover eight unique 10-day Italy itineraries for how to spend 10 days in Italy.

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Itinerary #1: Cuisine, culture and captivating countryside in Piedmont

Located in northwest Italy, surrounded by the French and Swiss Alps, Piedmont is a wealthy region known for its culinary delights. This 10-day itinerary combines cuisine, culture, and nature, encompassing the regional capital, Turin, and the countryside around Alba.

Fly to Milan and transfer to Turin, your base for the first five days. Explore the elegant city known for its Baroque avenues, palaces, and art. Day three offers a guided e-bike tour, while day four is dedicated to the Egyptian Museum and Royal Palace, showcasing remarkable artefacts and opulent royal history.

On day five, transfer to Alba in the Langhe area. Enjoy a leisurely stroll through the charming town with its medieval towers, palaces, and cobblestone streets. Day six brings a hands-on cooking class and wine tasting at Azienda Agricola Wine Estate, where you'll participate in a four-course cooking experience and sample sensational wines.

Day seven offers a relaxing hike in Langa, strolling through the scenic Barolo hills and rewarding yourself with coffee and Moscato wine at the end. Day eight features a wine tour of Barbaresco, known for its outstanding red wines, and the medieval villages of Nieve and Barbaresco.

On your last day, explore Alba further, including the late-Gothic Duomo and the bustling Via Vittorio Emanuele, where you can indulge in the region's finest local produce, including wines, truffles, cheeses, mushrooms, and the delightful nocciola cake.

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Itinerary overview

Check out this overview of the 10 days Italy itinerary.


Day 1Fly to Milan and transfer to Turin.Turin
Day 2Explore Turin on foot.Turin
Day 3Take an e-bike tour of Turin.Turin
Day 4Visit the Egyptian Museum and Royal Palace.Turin
Day 5Transfer to Alba.Alba
Day 6Visit Azienda Agricola Wine Estate for a cooking class and wine tasting.Alba
Day 7Hike Langa.Alba
Day 8Wine tour of Barbaresco.Alba
Day 9Sightseeing and shopping in Alba.Alba
Day 10Transfer to Milan.-


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Turin, Piedmont © Shutterstock

Langhe vineyards in Piedmont, Italy © Giorgio1978/Shutterstock

Langhe vineyards in Piedmont, Italy © Giorgio1978/Shutterstock

Itinerary #2: Fascinating Southern Italy - Naples, Sorrento and Capri

Discover the wonders of southern Italy on this 10-day itinerary, where you'll embark on a journey through charming towns along the Amalfi Coast, explore the island of Capri, savour the culinary delights of Naples, and immerse yourself in the rich history of Pompeii.

Start your adventure in Naples, a vibrant city nestled by the Bay of Naples. Spend two days exploring its historic streets, visiting iconic sites, strolling along the seafront, and indulging in Neapolitan street food.

On the third day, venture to Pompeii and witness its well-preserved ruins. Continue your journey to Sorrento on the fourth day, where you'll enjoy a private walking tour. Indulge in the town's charming streets and delectable dining options.

Days five and six are dedicated to exploring the picturesque town of Positano. Wander its winding streets, relax on the beach, or embark on a sailing excursion along the coast to discover hidden coves and the historic town of Amalfi.

Experience the luxurious atmosphere of Capri on days seven to nine. Delight in your free time to explore the island, visit its charming towns, and revel in panoramic views.

Conclude your journey with a private transfer and hydrofoil ride from Capri to Naples' Capodichino Airport on the final day. Depart with cherished memories of your unforgettable southern Italy adventure. Read more.

Itinerary overview

Check this overview of the 10 days Italy itinerary.


Day 1Arrival in NaplesNaples
Day 2Naples walking and street food tourNaples
Day 3Pompei & Vesuvius tour with wine tasting or pizza lunchNaples
Day 4Arrival in Positano and a stop in SorrentoPositano
Day 5Day at leisure at the Positano BeachPositano
Day 6A boat tour to the Amalfi coastPositano
Day 7Arrival in CapriCapri
Day 8Day at leisure and a sunset boat tourCapri
Day 9Half-day walking tour with a guide through Anacapri and Capri town centresCapri
Day 10Transfer to Naples-


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Sorrento, Italy

Sorrento, Italy © Shutterstock

Ischia Island, Naples - Italy: The ancient church of Santa Maria al Monte on Mount Epomeo © Shutterstock

Ischia Island, Naples © Shutterstock

Giardini di Augusto in Capri, Italy © Natalia Macheda/Shutterstock

Giardini di Augusto in Capri, Italy ©Shutterstock

Itinerary #3: A gastronomic journey in Tuscany and Amalfi Coast

Experience the best of Italy in just 10 days, from Florence to the Amalfi Coast, where your senses will be tantalized at every turn. Start with a private transfer to your Florence accommodation and explore the city.

On day two, venture to the Chianti Wine Region for a scenic hike through vineyards and olive groves. Immerse yourself in Tuscan cuisine on day three with a hands-on cooking experience in Florence.

Discover the renowned Montalcino area on day four, indulging in a full-day tour of medieval villages and wine cellars, with a multi-course Tuscan lunch. Travel to Naples on day five and embark on a guided tour, immersing yourself in the city's authentic atmosphere and culinary traditions.

Explore the ancient city of Pompeii on day six, learning about its fascinating history and enjoying a 3-course lunch. Hike to the crater of Mount Vesuvius for breathtaking views on the same day.

Transfer to Positano on day seven and enjoy leisure time exploring this stunning coastal town.

Discover the enchanting Amalfi Coast on days eight and nine, with a coach tour offering picturesque views, visits to charming towns, and optional hikes along the famous Path of the Gods trail.

On the final day, bid farewell to Italy with a private transfer to Naples Airport, carrying unforgettable memories of the landscapes, culture, and cuisine that defined your journey. Read more.

Itinerary overview

Check this overview of the 10 days Italy itinerary.


Day 1Arrival in Florence and a tour of Florence Artisans shopsFlorence
Day 2Hiking excursion in the Tuscan countrysideFlorence
Day 3Cooking class with local chef & Bottega's food tourFlorence
Day 4Brunello wine tourFlorence
Day 5Transfer to Naples and Naples street food tourNaples
Day 6Pompeii and Vesuvius with wine tasting and lunchNaples
Day 7Transfer and free time in PositanoPositano
Day 8Amalfi Coast Drive and Path of Gods hikingPositano
Day 9Boat trip to Capri and free timePositano
Day 10Transfer to Naples and departure-


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Amalfi, Italy © proslgn/Shutterstock

Amalfi, Italy © proslgn/Shutterstock

Positano, italy. Amalfi Coast © iacomino FRiMAGES/Shutterstock

Positano, italy. Amalfi Coast ©Shutterstock

Asciano with Val d'Orcia © Shutterstock

Asciano with Val d'Orcia © Shutterstock

Itinerary #4: Treasures of Italy: Venice, Florence and Rome

From the charming waterways of Venice to the Renaissance-imbued streets of Florence, to the historic city of Rome, Italy's top three cities are as unique as they are unmissable. Experience them all on this fascinating 10-day trip.

The itinerary begins in Venice, where you are greeted by a private driver at the airport and taken to a hotel. The first day is free for leisure activities.

On the second day, you will enjoy a delicious breakfast before embarking on a comprehensive city tour with a private guide.

Day three starts with a motor launch trip to the enchanting islands of Murano, Burano, and Torcello. After the island excursion, check out and take a scenic train journey to Florence.

On day four, a private guided tour takes visitors to Florence's iconic sights, including the Duomo, Piazza della Repubblica, and Pitti Palace, among others.

Day five offers an excursion to Pisa to marvel at the Leaning Tower and a visit to the charming town of Lucca. Afterwards, return to Florence to enjoy the rest of the evening at their leisure.

On day six, board a train to Rome. A guided tour of Rome's famous landmarks awaits on days seven and eight.

Day nine is a free day for you to explore Rome independently or engage in optional activities. On day ten, after breakfast, you will be transferred to the airport for your departure. Read more.

Itinerary overview

Check this overview of the 10 days Italy itinerary.


Day 1Arrival in VeniceVenice
Day 2Venice walking city tour with a guide and a boat ride along Venice's canalsVenice
Day 3Murano, Burano and Torcello boat tourFlorence
Day 4A tour of the most famous sights in FlorenceFlorence
Day 5Pisa and Lucca excursionFlorence
Day 6Transfer to RomeRome
Day 7a tour of the Eternal CityRome
Day 8Vatican discoveryRome
Day 9a day of self-guided exploration of RomeRome
Day 10Departure from Rome-


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Santa Maria del Diore Duomo in Florence © Shutterstock

Gondolas in Venice © Shutterstock

Gondolas in Venice © Shutterstock

The Forum Romanum ruins in Rome, Italy

The Forum Romanum ruins in Rome, Italy © Shutterstock

Itinerary #5: Best of south: Rome, Naples, Sorrento and the Amalfi Coast

Embark on this 10-day journey through the enchanting landscapes of South Italy. Arrive at Rome International Airport and transfer to your hotel in Rome. For the first two days, explore the captivating beauty and history of the city at your own pace.

After breakfast on day three, board a high-speed train to Naples. Discover the city's magnificent palaces, winding streets, ancient churches, and underground passages on a guided tour. Enjoy a leisurely day four in Naples, immersing yourself in its vibrant atmosphere.

Day five takes you to Pompeii, where you'll witness the remarkably preserved ruins of this ancient city. Continue to Herculaneum for another archaeological marvel. Day six begins with a visit to Mount Vesuvius, followed by a tour of the picturesque town of Sorrento.

On day seven, explore the captivating island of Capri, marveling at its dramatic rock formations and mesmerizing caves. Day eight is dedicated to the scenic Amalfi Coast, where you'll visit picturesque towns and admire breathtaking coastal views.

Enjoy a relaxing morning in Sorrento on day nine before taking a train back to Rome. Transfer to your hotel and reflect on your journey. On day ten, have a final breakfast before being transferred to Rome International Airport for your onward flight.

Immerse yourself in the charm of South Italy with this unforgettable 10-day trip, filled with culture, history, and breathtaking sights. Read more.


Itinerary overview

Check this overview of the 10 days Italy itinerary.


Day 1Arrival in RomeRome
Day 2Free day in RomeRome
Day 3Transfer to Naples and Naples city tourNaples
Day 4Free day in NaplesNaples
Day 5Pompeii and Herculaneum tourNaples
Day 6Mount Vesuvius tour and transfer to SorrentoSorrento
Day 7Day trip to CapriSorrento
Day 8Amalfi coast day tripSorrento
Day 9Return to RomeSorrento
Day 10Departure from Rome-


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St. Peter Cathedral in the Vatican, Rome © Shutterstock

Amalfi, Italy © proslgn/Shutterstock

Amalfi, Italy © Shutterstock


View on Naples © Shutterstock

Itinerary #6: Legend and Legacy - A Tour of Sicily

Explore the picturesque island of Sicily on this 10-day trip. Begin at Catania Airport, where you'll pick up your rental car. Check-in at the hotel and enjoy free time to explore Taormina.

On day two, relax and bask in the crystal-clear waters of Taormina's diverse beaches. Day three takes you on a guided trip to the Aeolian Islands, where you'll visit Panarea and Stromboli for a sunset tour.

Drive to Palermo, the capital city of Sicily, on day four. Take the afternoon to explore at your own pace. On day five, visit the medieval town of Erice, witness salt harvesting at the Sea Saltpans of Trapani, and explore the ancient city of Segesta.

Day six includes a visit to the Roman Villa of Casale and a guided tour of the Valley of the Temples in Agrigento. On day seven, venture to the small island of Ustica for a panoramic tour and boat trip.

Drive to Catania on day eight and check in at a hotel. Enjoy leisure time in Catania, known for its proximity to Mount Etna. Day nine takes you to the Sapienza Refuge, where you'll witness recent eruptions and explore the Wild Craters of Mount Etna. Indulge in delicious tastings at an organic farm.

On the final day, drive to Catania Airport to drop off your rental car. Bid farewell to the stunning island of Sicily, filled with unforgettable memories.

Itinerary overview

Check this overview of the 10 days Italy itinerary.


Day 1Arrival at Catania Airport and transfer to TaorminaTaormina
Day 2Free day at the Taormina BeachTaormina
Day 3Aeolian Islands: Panarea and StromboliTaormina
Day 4Transfer to Palermo and free time in the cityPalermo
Day 5Segesta, Erice & TrapaniPalermo
Day 6a tour of Agrigento and Piazza ArmerinaPalermo
Day 7a day trip to Ustica IslandPalermo
Day 8Transfer to Catania and personal timeCatania
Day 9a tour of Sapienza Refuge, Mount Etna, nature & flavoursCatania
Day 10Departure from Catania-


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Tonnara Scopello © Shutterstock

The stage of Taormina's Greek Theater with the Etna in the background, Taormina, Sicily ©  K. Roy Zerloch/Shutterstock

The stage of Taormina's Greek Theater, Taormina, Sicily ©Shutterstock

Famous fountain of shame on baroque Piazza Pretoria, Palermo, Sicily, Italy © Shutterstock

Famous fountain of shame on baroque Piazza Pretoria, Palermo © Shutterstock

Itinerary #7: An Italian dream trip: Rome, Sicily and the Amalfi Coast

Experience the essence of Italy on a fantastic 10-day trip. Begin in Rome, where you'll delve into ancient history and take a cookery class. Then, venture to Sicily, marvel at Baroque architecture, and explore the iconic Mount Etna. Conclude your adventure with the enchanting Amalfi Coast and Capri.

Arrive at Rome's Leonardo Da Vinci International Airport. Embark on a treasure hunt with a private guide on day two, discovering Rome's ancient history.

Day three allows leisure time to explore Rome's art, culture, and architecture. In the afternoon, join a cooking class in Campo de' Fiori.

Fly to Catania, Sicily, on day four. Explore the city with a guided tour, visiting the Neapolis Archaeological Park and Ortygia Island. Enjoy a delightful dinner in Syracuse.

Discover Noto's Baroque buildings on day five, visiting the cathedral and Palazzo Ducezio. Day six starts with a chocolate-making workshop in Modica, followed by a guided walking tour of Ragusa's Baroque architecture.

Explore Mount Etna's volcanic craters and visit a prestigious wine cellar on day seven. Then, learn about pistachio farming and indulge in tastings in Bronte.

Fly to Naples on day eight. On day nine, enjoy a full-day tour of the breathtaking Amalfi Coast, visiting Ravello's gardens, walking to Amalfi along the Iron Valley, and exploring the town.

On day ten, transfer to Rome's airport after breakfast, bidding farewell to a remarkable 10-day journey through Italy. Read more.


Itinerary overview

Check this overview of the 10 days Italy itinerary.


Day 1Arrival and transfer in RomeRome
Day 2Treasure hunt adventure in RomeRome
Day 3Campo de'Fiori cookery classRome
Day 4Flight to Sicily and tour of SyracuseSyracuse
Day 5Guided tour of NotoSyracuse
Day 6Transfer to Modica and chocolate tasting and Ragusa walking tourFavara
Day 7Mount Etna and pistachio farm tourFavara
Day 8Flight to Naples and Amalfi Coast transferFavara
Day 9Amalfi coast and town tourFavara
Day 10Transfer and departure from Rome-


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The stage of Taormina's Greek Theater with the Etna in the background, Taormina, Sicily ©  K. Roy Zerloch/Shutterstock

Etna in the background, Taormina, Sicily ©Shutterstock


Naples Old Town ©Shutterstock

Itinerary #8: Dive into Apulia - cuisine & culture

Explore the beautiful region of Puglia in Italy on this 10-day itinerary. Begin your first day in Bari, where you'll have free time to explore the elegant Murat district and the historic centre of Bari Vecchia.

Drive to Castel del Monte on day two to admire the fascinating fortress. Return to Bari for a guided street food tour, indulging in local culinary delights.

Day three takes you to the picturesque towns of Ostuni and Alberobello. Spend day four enjoying the beaches between Polignano a Mare and Monopoli, experiencing stunning coastlines and rich cultural heritage.

Immerse yourself in nature on day five with a walk through the Reserve of Torre Guaceto. Day six brings you to Taranto, a city steeped in history, with its ancient centre and strategic location.

On day seven, embark on a boat tour in Taranto marina, exploring the Ionian Sea and the chance to spot dolphins and whales. Day eight takes you to Lecce, known for its art and historic charm.

Learn the art of making orecchiette pasta on day nine during a cooking class led by a professional chef. Taste local products and drinks as you delve into the culinary traditions.

On day ten, return to Bari Airport, reflecting on the wonderful experiences gained during this unforgettable journey through Puglia. Read more.

Itinerary overview

Check this overview of the 10 days Italy itinerary.


Day 1Arrival at Bari Airport and explore the cityBari
Day 2Drive to Castel del Monte
Street food tour in Bari
Day 3Drive to Ostuni & Alberobello
Walking tour in Ostuni
Walking tour in Alberobello
Day 4Day at leisure on the beachBari
Day 5Guided trekking Torre Guaceto natural reserveBari
Day 6Drive to TarantoTaranto
Day 7a boat tour to Taranto marinaTaranto
Day 8Drive from Taranto to Lecce
Street food tour in Lecce
Day 9Orecchiette cooking classTaranto
Day 10Drive and departure from Bari-


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View on Bari ©Shutterstock


Ostuni, or "The White City" ©Shutterstock

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