Italy Weather in November

The weather in Italy in November embraces the country with a quieter ambience and a touch of nostalgia. As the autumn leaves fall gracefully, the country embraces its traditions and prepares for the holiday season. From exploring the ancient ruins of Rome to participating in the olive harvest in Umbria, November invites visitors to experience Italy's cultural heritage in a slower, more contemplative way. As the weather turns, visitors can delight in the cosy warmth of Italian trattorias and discover the other side of cities like Turin and Naples as the crowds disappear.

What is the weather like in Italy in November?

The weather in Italy in November takes a gradual turn towards cooler temperatures and shifting atmospheric patterns. November signals the advent of the late autumn with a windier and sometimes wetter climate. The further north you go, the milder daytime temperatures tend to be.

While the days gradually grow shorter, November still offers a reasonable amount of daylight, with approximately 4 to 6 hours of sunshine per day. However, it's essential to prepare for more frequent rainfall this month, especially in the northern and central regions.

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Is Italy warm in November?

In the northern parts of Italy, such as Milan and Venice, November brings cooler weather, with daytime temperatures ranging from 5°C to 15°C (41°F to 59°F). In central areas like Florence and Rome, milder temperatures prevail, averaging between 10°C to 18°C (50°F to 64°F).

The southern regions, including Sicily and Naples, maintain a relatively milder climate, with daytime temperatures ranging from 15°C to 20°C (59°F to 68°F).

The days become shorter in November, with an average of about 4 to 6 hours of sunshine per day. While daylight diminishes, the diverse landscapes of Italy continue to captivate with their autumnal charm.

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Uffizi art gallery in Florence, Tuscany, Italy

Uffizi art gallery in Florence, Tuscany, Italy © Shutterstock

Is November a good time to visit Italy?

The weather in Italy in November provides an opportune time to explore the country. Not only is the cultural calendar still abuzz with events like The Bologna Jazz Festival, but museums like the Uffizi in Florence also offer half-price admission when compared with March to October.

While the weather in Italy may see an increase in rainfall, it also unveils the beauty of autumn colours, transforming the landscapes of Tuscany, Umbria, and Piedmont into a captivating canvas of red, orange, and gold.

Now is the time to visit Gran Paradiso National Park for dramatic sightings of its 3500 ibex during the mating season in November and December. This is when you may see pairs of males fighting it out for a female. You might also spy golden eagles nesting.

Alba hosts the world-famous White Truffle Fair in November and the Mount Etna ski season starts around this time, too. Weather permitting. Do note that it is also a legal requirement to have snow tyres or chains in your car between mid-November and mid-April when travelling on motorways; you will incur a hefty fine if you’re not suitably equipped.

If you're visiting Venice, be prepared for the acqua alta, the winter flooding caused by a combination of seasonal tides, fluctuations in atmospheric pressure in the Adriatic and persistent southeasterly winds.

Always a feature of Venetian life, it has got worse in recent years. If the siren sounds, you can expect a serious flood in three to four hours’ time. The tidal barrier built to protect the city has already saved the city on several occasions since opening in 2020.

The world-class wines and truffles waiting to be discovered on this tailor-made Piedmont Discovery. The capital city Turin is a cultural centre with a picture-perfect skyline. Afterwards, continue to the countryside around Alba, with wine tastings, cooking classes and enjoying the mountains and nature.

Average rainfall in Italy in November

As Italy undergoes a climatic shift in November and begins to welcome winter, varying levels of rainfall across its regions. November downpours have been known to impact travel plans, especially Venice which, along with Milan, sees slightly higher rainfall averages, ranging from 50 mm to 100 mm.

Central regions, including Florence and Rome, experience moderate rainfall, averaging between 40 mm to 80 mm. Southern parts, like Sicily and Naples, receive relatively lower rainfall amounts, typically between 40 mm to 60 mm.

Although November is not the wettest month in Italy, travellers should be prepared for occasional showers, especially in the northern and central areas. The Mediterranean climate of the southern regions offers a more temperate environment, with a lesser chance of prolonged downpours. Pack accordingly.


Mount Etna © Shutterstock

Festivals and events in Italy in November

Whether religious, traditional or cultural, there are literally thousands of festivals in Italy and sometimes the best are those that you come across unexpectedly in smaller towns. Some of the highlights for November are listed below:

  • Olive oil festivals (all Nov) The olive harvest happens in November across many regions of Italy with plenty of destinations holding celebrations.
  • Saint Martin's Day (La Festa di San Martino; Nov 11) Saint Martin's Day is particularly observed in Tuscany and other wine-producing regions. The day marks the end of the agricultural year, and it is celebrated with food and wine tastings.
  • White Truffle Fair, Alba (all Nov) This part of Piedmont is famous for its truffles and the fair in Alba celebrates this prized culinary delicacy with exhibitions, auctions, and tasting events.

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