Vietnam Weather in June

With the onset of June, Vietnam undergoes a mesmerising change with fickle winds and rain. From the lush rice terraces of Sapa to the bustling streets of Ho Chi Minh City, the weather in Vietnam in June is laced with tropical downpours and fleeting moments of radiant warmth, promising an unforgettable experience for every traveller seeking to explore its enchanting beauty.

What is the weather like in Vietnam in June?

June marks the transition from northern to southern regions in Vietnam in terms of weather conditions. In the northern part of the country, June marks the beginning of the rainy season. During this time, frequent rains are expected, often heavy, accompanied by high humidity.

Moving to central Vietnam, cities such as Hue and Hoi An also experience rainfall, but it is generally less intense compared to northern areas.

In southern Vietnam, places like Ho Chi Minh City and the Mekong Delta also experience the wet season in June. Rainfall increases, but sunny days are still not uncommon.

Thanks to this weather in Vietnam in June, across the country, lush landscapes are revitalised after the rains and the season becomes a time of vibrant greenery and unique photo opportunities. However, you should be prepared for occasional heavy downpours and adjust your plans accordingly when discovering Vietnam during this month.

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Mekong Delta Vietnam © ImaginativeGifts/Shutterstock

Mekong Delta Vietnam © ImaginativeGifts/Shutterstock

Is Vietnam warm in June?

Yes, the weather in Vietnam in June is usually warm. Temperatures in June are generally warm and can vary depending on the specific region of Vietnam. In northern areas, the average temperature ranges from 25 to 30°C (77-86°F).

In central areas such as Hue and Hoi An, temperatures range from 28 to 34°C (82-93°F). Southern cities such as Ho Chi Minh City are also warm, with average temperatures ranging from 25 to 32°C (77 to 90°F).

When planning your trip, keep in mind that June is the start of the rainy season in many parts of Vietnam, which can affect the overall feel of the weather. The combination of warmth and increased humidity caused by the rainy season can make the weather even hotter.

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Is June a good time to visit Vietnam?

Whether June is a good time to visit Vietnam depends on your expectations and preferences. June falls outside the peak tourist season, allowing you to enjoy the cultural sights without the tourist crowds and find accommodation options at a more affordable price.

In addition, as the rainy season starts, the local scenery comes alive and Vietnam turns into a green paradise, so you can have a more colourful experience, especially exploring the rice terraces and forests.

However, it should be considered that the weather in Vietnam in June is characterised by rain, which may affect your activities and plans. It's a good idea to have the foresight to bring rain gear and make a flexible itinerary. You should also be aware of the humidity in Vietnam this month, which can intensify the already quite hot weather.

Overall, June can be a good time to visit Vietnam if you're looking for a more relaxed travelling experience, don't mind the occasional rain and are attracted to the lush, green scenery that the rainy season brings.

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The Thien Mu Pagoda is one of the ancient pagoda in Hue city © Shutterstock

Hue @ Shutterstock

What about the crowd and cost?

June falls during the off-peak tourist season in Vietnam, which means you are likely to encounter fewer tourists at popular tourist sites, attractions and towns. This can be beneficial if you prefer a quieter and less crowded travelling experience. You will have more space and time to explore without the rush and bustle of the peak tourist months.

Also during the off-peak season, the cost of accommodation, excursions and even flights can be relatively lower than during high-demand months. Hotels and travel agencies often offer discounts and promotions to attract travellers during this time. This can be a great opportunity to save on travel expenses.

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Trang An ( Ninh Binh, Vietnam)- the world heritage site © AdobeStock

Trang An ( Ninh Binh, Vietnam)- the world heritage site © AdobeStock

Average rainfall in June

The weather in Vietnam in July faces varying levels of rainfall across the country depending on the region. In the north of the country, June marks the beginning of the rainy season. Rainfall increases in the region with an average of about 150-300 mm (5.9-11.8 in), with frequent heavy showers and occasional thunderstorms. Temperatures remain warm and humidity levels increase.

As for central Vietnam, June rainfall varies from about 100mm to 300mm (3.9 to 11.8 in), with significant amounts in cities such as Hue and Hoi An. Rains can be frequent but often alternate with periods of sunshine.

Compared to the northern and central parts of Vietnam, the south of the country is characterised by more moderate rainfall in June, ranging from about 100 to 200 mm (3.9 to 7.9 in). Although there is less rainfall here, downpours can still be regular.

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What to do in Vietnam in June

Despite the rainy season, many regions in Vietnam offer a wide range of exciting and enjoyable experiences in June. June is the start of the rainy season in Hanoi, the country's capital city. However, this period also provides an opportunity to explore cultural values and historical sites, and the rain contributes to the enchanting atmosphere.

Ha Giang in Northern Province and Sapa, although rainy, showcase terraced rice paddies at their most colourful. Trekking can be messier but rewarding as the scenery takes on a breathtaking beauty.

Ninh Binh, known as "Halong Bay on land", doesn't lose its appeal thanks to its karst landscapes. And taking a river cruise will bring an unforgettable experience whether it rains or not.

Hue and Ho Chi Minh City, despite the rains, still offer historical wonders, combined with original culinary cuisine.

The weather in Vietnam in June is not conducive to beach holidays, but if that's what you're looking for, there are still options here. Da Nang in June is a relatively dry coastal town and is ideal for a beach holiday and exploring the Marble Mountains. Alternatively, you can head to Mui Ne known as the city of sand dunes, beach options remain here even with the chance of rain.

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