How To Get From Hanoi To Da Nang

The largest city in Central Vietnam, Da Nang has long been viewed as jumping-off point for Hoi An. These days, however, more travellers have realised it makes a mighty fine destination in its own right. With that in mind, read on to find out how to get from Hanoi to Da Nang.

How to get from Hanoi to Da Nang 

After experiencing Hanoi’s diverse offerings as a destination — everything from cultural and historic monuments, to top street food — an increasing number of travellers choose to head to Da Nang.

And the reasons? Being a coastal port city blessed with historic attractions, and within reach of peaceful beaches and breath-taking mountains, Da Nang offers visitors a range of landscapes and experiences in a single destination. 

If taking this trip is on your radar, there are a few ways to get from Hanoi to Da Nang. Namely, by plane, train or sleeper bus. 

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Ho Chi Minh Mausoleum on the Ba Dinh Square in Hanoi, Vietnam © Shutterstock

Ho Chi Minh mausoleum, Hanoi, Vietnam © Shutterstock

How far is Da Nang from Hanoi? 

By road, Da Nang is around 770 kms south of Hanoi. The route takes you along National Highway 1A through stacks of Vietnam’s central provinces, among them Phu Ly, Ninh Binh, Thanh Hoa, Vinh, Ha Tinh, Dong Hoi, Quang Tri, and Hue.

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Danang, Vietnam © Galina Savina/Shutterstock

Danang, Vietnam © Galina Savina/Shutterstock

What's the quickest way to get from Hanoi to Da Nang? 

With a flight time of 1 hr 20 minutes, travelling by plane is, by some distance, the quickest way to get from Hanoi to Da Nang.

The next fastest way to travel between the two destinations is by sleeper bus, which has an average journey time of 15 hours.

Coming close behind the bus option, travelling by train takes between 15.5 and 17 hours.

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Planning how to get from Hanoi to Da Nang? Don't miss sensational street food in both destinations! © Shutterstock

By plane

Duration: 1.5 hours | Cost: from $40 return

With several operators flying the route each day, flying is a fast way to get from Hanoi to Da Nang.

With a flight time just short of 1.5 hours, the earliest departure leaves just before 6am. As for the price, tickets start at around $40 for a return ticket and rise to $100.

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Da Nang, Vietnam

Travelling by plane is the quickest way to get from Hanoi to Da Nang © Shutterstock

By train

Duration: 15.5-17 hours | Cost: from $37

Riding the rails for some 700+km for 15+ hours, travelling by train from Hanoi to Da Nang might not be fast, but it is scenic.

It’s also OK on the comfort front if you opt to book a soft seat or soft berth, the latter of which sleeps up to four people in a cabin. 

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Hanoi Train street, Vietnam © Shutterstock

Travelling from Hanoi to Na Dang by train sure ain't fast, but it is unforgettable © Shutterstock

By sleeper bus

Duration: 15 hours | Cost: from $22

Cheaper and often faster than the train option, taking a sleeper bus is a popular way to get from Hanoi to Da Nang. But if you are over 6ft, be aware your bunk might not be long enough!

For upwards of $22, you’ll have your own bunk and blanket to doze under for the average 15-hour journey time.

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Want to see a richness of Vietnam's breath-taking diversity? Book a multi-destnation trip © Shutterstock

Planning your trip to Da Nang from Hanoi

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