Vietnam Weather in October

The weather in Vietnam in October is an amazing combination of transitional characteristics. This month offers travellers a variety of weather conditions throughout the country, providing ample opportunities for outdoor activities and relaxation.

What is the weather like in Vietnam in October?

The weather in Vietnam in October observes different weather conditions in different regions due to the diversity of its geographical location.

October marks the transition from the rainy season to the cooler and drier autumn months in the north of the country. Humidity continues to decrease and temperatures become more pleasant. Daytime temperatures range between 20-28°C (68-82°F) and nights become cooler.

  • North Vietnam: The weather in North Vietnam starts to transition from summer to autumn in September. The region experiences a decrease in rainfall and more stable weather patterns. Daytime temperatures typically range from 25-31°C (77-88°F), offering a comfortable climate for outdoor activities and exploration
  • Central Vietnam: The weather conditions in Central Vietnam are improving. Rainfall decreases significantly and the region experiences warm and pleasant temperatures. Daytime temperatures range from 24-30°C (75-86°F), making this an ideal time for beach holidays and historical sightseeing.
  • South Vietnam: In the south of the country, the transition from wet season to dry season continues. Although it may still rain occasionally, the total amount of rainfall decreases. Daytime temperatures range from 24 to 31°C (75-88°F) and humidity becomes more acceptable.

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Is Vietnam warm in October?

The weather in Vietnam in October is warm, especially in the central and southern regions. Although temperatures may vary from region to region, this month generally has a pleasant climate for travellers. In northern areas such as Hanoi, Halong Bay and Sapa, October is the beginning of autumn, which brings milder conditions, unlike the preceding summer months.

The central areas of Vietnam such as Hue, Da Nang and Hoi An have a comfortable and warm atmosphere. It is an ideal time for outdoor activities and sightseeing in the region.

In the southern parts of the country, such as Ho Chi Minh City and the Mekong Delta, October marks the transition from the wet season to the dry season. Although the heat persists, the humidity gradually decreases, creating a more favourable climate.

Keep in mind that the perception of warmth can be affected not only by temperature factors but also by humidity levels and planned activities. It is advisable to bring suitable clothing to ensure comfort during your stay in Vietnam.

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Is October a good time to visit Vietnam?

October is a favourable time to visit Vietnam, with some factors to consider. The weather in Vietnam in October is generally comfortable, making this month an attractive month for travelling.

One of the advantages of visiting Vietnam in October is the reduced crowds of tourists in popular tourist destinations. With the peak tourist season behind us, you can expect a more relaxed and less busy travelling experience. In addition, the past rainy season favours lush landscapes, creating picturesque scenery, especially in places like Sapa and Halong Bay.

However, it is important to note that October is a transitional period. Although the weather tends to become more favourable, sporadic rainfall is still possible, especially early in the month. At this time, the weather varies from region to region: while the weather is generally favourable in the central and northern parts of the country, humidity and occasional rains persist in southern areas such as Ho Chi Minh City and the Mekong Delta.

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Limestone outcrops in Ha Long Bay, Vietnam

Average rainfall in October

The average rainfall in Vietnam in October varies depending on the country's climate.

The weather in Vietnam in October marks the transition from the rainy season to the drier autumn months in the north of the country. Average rainfall decreases significantly compared to previous months. Monthly averages can range from 81 mm (3.21 inches).

In October, Central Vietnam experiences improved weather conditions with a significant decrease in rainfall. Monthly averages range from 100 to 300 mm (4 to 12 inches).

The transition from the wet season to the dry season continues in the southern regions. Rainfall decreases, but occasional showers are still possible. Monthly averages can range from 100 to 250 mm (4 to 10 inches).

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Saigon River and Ho Chi Minh downtown © Pixabay

What to do in Vietnam in October

In October, Vietnam offers a range of destinations worth including in your travel plans. Visit the capital city of Hanoi and explore historical sights, local markets and a variety of culinary delights.

Head to the Sapa region and stroll through rice paddies surrounded by lush greenery.

The weather in Vietnam in October also allows you to enjoy Vietnamese beaches. The weather improves in the beach city of Nha Trang and you can relax on its beaches, indulge in water activities and explore the nearby islands. The tropical paradise island of Phu Quoc with clear waters and pleasant temperatures is a great place for beach lovers.

In central Vietnam, the towns of Hue and Hoi An, both offer a rich variety of activities, while Da Nang offers some beautiful beaches ideal for relaxing and unwinding.

If you've chosen southern Vietnam as your destination, head to vibrant Ho Chi Minh City and experience its exciting nightlife and don't miss out on a boat trip along the famous Mekong Delta.

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