Weather in Madagascar in October travel guide

Considering taking a trip to Madagascar in October? Dive into the details you require, encompassing the August weather in Madagascar and the myriad of exciting activities waiting for you.

Discover Madagascar in October

The weather in Madagascar in October invites you to discover the captivating landscapes and vibrant culture of the country. Embrace the gradual transition from the dry to the rainy season, offering a unique blend of arid landscapes and occasional bursts of refreshing rain. 

Explore iconic sites like Isalo National Park, known for its dramatic canyons, and the Avenue of the Baobabs, a surreal avenue of ancient trees. Immerse yourself in local culture in Antananarivo, where vibrant markets and historical sites showcase the island's rich heritage. With pleasant temperatures and fewer crowds, October provides an ideal balance for an unforgettable Madagascar adventure.

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Avenue of Baobabs, Madagascar

Avenue of Baobabs, Madagascar @ Shutterstock

Weather in Madagascar in October

The weather in Madagascar in October is characterized by the transition from the dry season to the rainy season and becomes more unpredictable. Temperatures remain warm, ranging from 20 to 30°C (68-86°F), but you need to be prepared for variable conditions. It is recommended to bring lightweight rain gear and plan to be flexible with outdoor activities due to the infrequent rainfall during this transitional period.

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What about crowds and costs in October

October is the time when Madagascar transitions from the low season to the upcoming high season. While not as crowded as the peak summer months, tourist activity can be moderately increased, the island remains relatively quiet compared to busier periods. 

In anticipation of the high season, accommodation and entertainment prices remain reasonable. October offers a balance, providing an enjoyable travel experience with favorable weather, fewer tourists, and more reasonable prices than in the peak months.

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Tsingy, Ankarana, Madagascar @ Shutterstock

Best places to see in October

The weather in Madagascar in October offers the perfect setting for exploring a diverse range of exhilarating destinations.

Mananara Nord

Set off on an exciting journey to the secluded Mananara-Nord region, an unspoiled rainforest. With the mild weather in Madagascar in October, it's the perfect time to step into the heart of the wilderness and encounter a vast array of wildlife, from playful lemurs to unique endemic bird species. Enjoy the unspoiled beauty of this little-explored nature reserve away from the bustling tourist crowds.

Tsingy Rouge (Red Tsingy)

Embrace the surreal landscape of Tsingy Rouge, where vibrant red limestone formations mesmerize the senses. The favorable October weather lends itself to exploration, offering comfortable hiking conditions amidst the striking contrast of crimson cliffs and lush greenery. Discover the mesmerizing beauty of this geological wonder during the quieter, less crowded period.

The Tsingy Rouge stone formation in northern Madagascar ©  Framalicious/Shutterstock

The Tsingy Rouge stone formation in northern Madagascar ©  Framalicious/Shutterstock

Amboasary and Antandroy Villages

Explore the heart of Madagascar's culture with a visit to the traditional villages of the Antandroy and Amboasary. Observe their unique architectural styles and immerse yourself in a cultural experience that is both educational and respectful, providing insight into the rich tapestry of Madagascar's diverse communities.

Best things to do in October

There are many exciting things to do in Madagascar, but we suggest you check out the most interesting ones to do in October.

Lemur trekking in Andasibe National Park

The October climate is ideal for exploring the dense Andasibe Rainforest, home to various species of lemurs, including the adorable indri. Comfortable weather enhances the trekking experience, allowing long periods to observe and photograph these unique animals in their natural habitat.

Visit the Lokobe Reserve

Witness the lush atmosphere of the Lokobe Reserve on Nosy Be Island in October. The forest is riotously green, providing the perfect backdrop for encounters with various species of lemurs, reptiles and birds. Explore the rich biodiversity of this natural area during this month's pleasant weather.

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Madagascar: Coquerel's Sifaka (Lemur) in the Andasibe-Mantadia National Park © worldclassphoto/Shutterstock

Coquerel's Sifaka in the Andasibe-Mantadia National Park © worldclassphoto/Shutterstock

Canoe trip down the Mangoky River

Organize a serene journey along the Mangoky River while enjoying the untamed beauty of Madagascar's diverse landscapes. This canoe adventure offers a unique perspective on the island's rich wildlife and lush vegetation, making it an ideal activity for those looking for a combination of relaxation and nature exploration.

Botanical tours in Montagne d’Ambre National Park

Embrace the vibrant biodiversity of Montagne d'Ambre National Park on a botanical tour. In October, see the park's unique flora and fauna, including endemic plant species in full bloom, providing a fascinating experience for nature lovers.

Events and festivals in December

December brings a festive atmosphere to Madagascar, allowing for a unique island experience.


In October, the island comes alive with Madajazzcar, a two-week celebration featuring international and local musicians performing in multiple venues, drawing up to 40,000 music enthusiasts. The event also includes shows and cultural exhibits.


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