#01 Red Sea diving & snorkelling

You don’t have to be a diver to come nose-to-nose with a turtle: coral reefs and multicoloured fish await just beneath the surface of this warmest and clearest of seas.

#02 Wadi Rum

Experience the atmosphere of the open desert in the stunning company of sheer mountains, red dunes and vast, silent panoramas.

#03 Baptism Site

A pilgrimage spot alongside the River Jordan at the place where Jesus was baptized, commemorated by dozens of ancient churches and hermitages.

#04 Ancient Amman

Roman columns and the ruins of an Islamic-era palace tower over Amman, gazing down on a huge Roman theatre in the heart of the city.

#05 The Dead Sea

Enjoy spectacular sunsets at the lowest point on earth, floating effortlessly on this inland lake supported only by the density of the salty water.

#06 Azraq Wetlands

Boardwalks lead through reed-beds amid the Azraq oasis, in the deserts east of Amman – perfect for nature walks and bird-watching excursions.

#07 Petra

Magnificent ancient city hidden away in the craggy mountains of the south – one of the world’s must-see attractions.

#08 Mount Nebo

Follow in the footsteps of Moses to this summit above the Dead Sea (named in Deuteronomy), to gaze out over the Promised Land.

#09 Dana

Jordan’s flagship nature reserve, covering a sweep of territory from highland cliffs to the sandy desert floor. Whether you come for the hiking, the natural environment or the silence, you won’t want to leave.

#10 Hiking

There are plenty of opportunities to get off the beaten track in Jordan’s back country for a day or a week, whether alone or with an adventure tour company.

#11 Madaba

This easygoing Christian market town near Amman was a centre for mosaic art in the Byzantine period. Roam its souks and take in the splendour of ancient mosaics.

#12 The King’s Highway

Meandering its way north and south along the lonely hilltops, this most picturesque of historic routes links the farming towns of southern Jordan.

#13 Umm Qais

Atmospheric Roman and Ottoman site in the far north of Jordan, offering spectacular views over the Sea of Galilee – and relatively few tourists.

#14 The “Desert Castles

Venture east of Amman to explore a string of early-Islamic forts, palaces, hunting lodges and caravanserais, dotted across the stony desert plains.

#15 Wadi Mujib

Jordan’s “Grand Canyon”, now protected as a nature reserve, with gorge-walking and canyoning amid the rugged valleys.

#16 Modern Amman

Take time out from ruin-hunting to explore the capital’s buzzing cafés, galleries and restaurants – a side of the city few visitors experience.

#17 Feynan Ecolodge

Hole up at this beautifully designed eco-friendly desert hotel, miles from the nearest road, for rugged walking, fascinating cultural encounters and epic star-gazing.

#18 Jordanian cuisine

Sample some of the Middle East’s finest restaurants in Amman – or scoff Jordan’s national dish, mansaf, at a bedouin gathering in the desert.

#19 Jerash

A spectacularly well-preserved Roman city, complete with colonnaded streets, grand temples, intimate marketplaces and mosaic-floored churches.

#20 Ajloun

Set amidst the northern hills is a magnificent Crusader-period castle, within easy reach of a tranquil nature reserve.

#21 Hospitality

The hospitality of Jordanians is legendary: whether you’re passing through a city or crossing the desert, you’re bound to be invited in for tea.

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