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Gunung Batur and Danau Batur

The Batur area, the most popular and dramatic volcanic scenery in Bali, was formed thirty thousand years ago when a gigantic volcano erupted. The rim of this vast crater remains clearly visible and it is the views from here that are the main draw. Confusingly, the entire area is sometimes referred to as Kintamani, although this is the name of just one of many villages. The highest points on the rim are Gunung Abang (2153m) on the eastern side, the third highest mountain in Bali, and Gunung Penulisan (1745m) on the northwest corner, with Pura Puncak Penulisan on its summit. Rising from the floor of this huge crater is Gunung Batur (1717m), an active volcano with four craters of its own and Danau Batur lake nestled beside it. Many visitors come to the area to climb Gunung Batur, usually for the sunrise.

There’s an admission charge to the area. The ticket offices are just south of Penelokan on the road from Bangli and at the junction of the road from Ubud and the rim road.

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