Weather in Cambodia in March

Cambodia, a commonly brushed-off travel destination, has three seasons. During the peak season, the weather in Cambodia in March is relatively sunny and dry, resulting in more crowds. The peak season lasts from March to May, followed by the low season extending to October. At this time, Cambodia faces heavy rainfall and the lowest tourist density. The third season is the transitional shoulder season, which happens in November and February. It's the one that provides a balance of fewer tourists and pleasant weather. Let's find out more about the weather in Cambodia in March.

What is the weather like in Cambodia in March? 

If you're into outdoor activities and exploring nature, travelling to Cambodia in March is perfect. It's characterised by dry and sunny weather, with generally warm temperatures, providing a comfortable atmosphere. The weather in Cambodia in March is still transitioning from the cooler months, so you can expect evenings to have a slightly cooler breeze. It's the last chance to enjoy the perfect Cambodian weather conditions before the summer heat takes over. 

On average, Cambodia receives minimal precipitation during this month. These short bursts of rain are unlikely to disrupt travel plans but can bring a refreshing break from the warmth. Considering the precipitation ranges in March, Cambodia has moderate rainfall, with 36 mm (1.4 inches) to high rainfall with 143 mm (5.6 inches).

Overall, March can be a great time to visit Cambodia because of the favourable weather conditions. You can expect an ideal environment for sightseeing, cultural experiences, and outdoor adventures. 

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Ta Keo temple at Angkor Wat © Shutterstock

Temperatures in Cambodia in March 

The temperature variations differ across various regions, averaging around 30°C (86°F) throughout the country, but cooler temperatures can be expected in the northeast areas.

March is one of the best months for travelling to any part of the country. Those who are into outdoor activities like hiking and sightseeing should head to the central region, where the warm temperatures are ideal. On the other hand, Southern Cambodia and its coastal areas and islands offer a tropical climate, perfect for beach lovers. 

With minimal rain chances, March is undoubtedly an excellent month for diving. Koh Kong, Kep, and Sihanoukville are the country’s south coast beaches that continue to bask in sunshine. The northern part of the country can be slightly cooler, providing a pleasant atmosphere for exploring historical sites.

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Otres Beach near Sihanoukville in southern Cambodia

Otres Beach near Sihanoukville in southern Cambodia © Shutterstock

Is March a good time to visit Cambodia?

The warm weather and clear blue skies energise tourists throughout their holiday, making March in Cambodia a lovely month. You can experience vibrant festivals, bustling markets, tranquil beach areas, and spirited locals. 

Despite the high demand for accommodations and transportation, you can get the best deals available during the peak season in March. Book your trip in advance to take advantage of these benefits.

Take advantage of the weather in Cambodia in March by relaxing on the sandy beaches of Sihanoukville and savouring authentic Cambodian flavours by eating Phnom Penh street food. Swim with dolphins in Kampot or stroll through the famous pepper plantations. And if you are into wildlife adventures, you can meet elephants at Mondulkiri wildlife sanctuaries and visit a butterfly farm on Koh Tonsay.

‘Silver Pagoda’ or Temple of the Emerald Buddha at the Royal Palace in Phnom Penh © Shutterstock

‘Silver Pagoda’ or Temple of the Emerald Buddha in Phnom Penh © Shutterstock

What about the crowd & cost?

With the higher tourist influx, popular attractions may experience increased footfall. While this enhances the vibrant atmosphere, the prices for accommodations and services during the high season may be relatively higher. 

Budget travellers will find hostels the best option, with accommodation ranging between $5 and $15, depending on the room type, while staying in hotels will cost around $60 per night. If you’re on a really tight budget, you should explore free accommodation options like Couchsurfing, house-sitting, or getting free lodging and food in exchange for working on a local organic farm.

To avoid crowds, consider visiting Cambodia during the shoulder season. Alternatively, exploring Cambodia in the low season can bring cost advantages, but be prepared for occasional heavy rainfall.

Festivals and events in Cambodia in March

Several cultural festivals and events take place in March. Plan a trip to northern Cambodia and attend the River Festival, which takes place in mid-March. Watch boxing matches, boat races, and musical concerts as the city lights up with fireworks. Participate in a friendly competition while dining with the locals on delicious food and beverages.


Railway in Kampot © Shutterstock

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Visit Cambodia in other months

  • January: Mild temperatures and dry weather
  • February: Dry and warm
  • April: Rise in temperatures
  • May: Beginning of wet season with occasional rainfall
  • June: Rainfall increases
  • July: Occasional heavy rain
  • August: Wet season continues
  • September: Heavy rainfall persists
  • October: Wet season gradually subsides
  • November: Beginning of dry season
  • December: Mild temperatures and minimal rainfall
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