Weather in Cambodia in October

Cambodia's varied landscape of mountains, plains, and coastal areas results in a variety of weather conditions. In October, high-altitude areas such as the Cardamom and Dangrek Mountains typically experience lower temperatures than the scorching summer months, providing a cooler climate. At the same time, temperatures remain higher in the lower regions, especially in the busy plains areas. Let's take a detailed look at the weather in Cambodia in October.

What is the weather like in Cambodia in October?

The weather in Cambodia in October begins to transition from the rainy monsoon season to clearer and drier days, especially as the month progresses. In early October, there are still regular downpours that can be quite heavy. These conditions can disrupt outdoor activities and travel plans, as unexpected rain can cause schedule changes and transportation problems.

However, towards the middle and end of October, rainfall decreases noticeably, while the number of sunny days increases and humidity drops. These changes are favorable for outdoor activities such as temple tours and country walks, as roads become better and the risk of flooding is lower.

October is considered Cambodia's 'shoulder' season, meaning there are fewer tourists than during peak periods and the weather starts to improve after the rainy season, making this time potentially ideal if you want to avoid the crowds and enjoy mild weather.

It is worth bearing in mind that average rainfall, although decreasing, can still bring moderate to heavy showers, mainly in the afternoon or evening. You should be aware that there will be occasional rain, but overall you can expect more days of good weather as the month progresses.

Overall, October offers a sort of balance: the weather gradually improves, with less rain more sunshine, and fewer tourists, ensuring a quieter vacation. If you don't mind the occasional rain and prefer fewer people, October can be a great time to explore Cambodia.

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Ka Chanh waterfall of Ratanakiri in Cambodia.A suspension bridge is built over the jungle © MUTO KOJI/Shutterstock

Ka Chanh waterfall of Ratanakiri in Cambodia. A suspension bridge is built over the jungle © MUTO KOJI/Shutterstock

Temperatures in Cambodia in October

The weather in Cambodia in October is characterized by average high temperatures of around 30°C (86°F) and average low temperatures of around 24°C (75°F). These temperatures mean a warm or hot climate throughout the country, although it varies from region to region.

In coastal areas and lowlands, including cities such as Phnom Penh and Sihanoukville, temperatures can feel particularly warm due to higher humidity levels, making it feel hotter than it actually is. In contrast, high-altitude areas such as the Cardamom Mountains have slightly cooler temperatures, giving some respite from the heat, especially at night.

This range of temperatures shows that Cambodia is generally hot in October, but not as oppressively hot as in the height of summer. The heat is quite tolerable, especially with the rainfall and humidity decreasing as the month progresses, making it a comfortable time for travel and outdoor activities.

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Is October a good time to visit Cambodia?

October in Cambodia marks the transition from the rainy season to the cooler dry season, offering a variety of weather conditions. Some rainfall is expected at the beginning of the month, but already less than in previous months, leading to clearer skies and cooler temperatures as the month progresses.

This gradual improvement in weather makes outdoor activities and visits to attractions such as Angkor Wat more enjoyable.

In addition to the improving weather in Cambodia in October, there are still fewer tourists this month than during peak season, which translates into fewer crowds and potentially lower prices.

Overall, October is a good time to visit Cambodia if you want to enjoy lush post-monsoon scenery, milder weather, and fewer tourists while recognizing that it can sometimes rain early in the month.

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Angkor Wat Lake, Siem Reap, Cambodia  © Shutterstock

What about crowds and costs

Cambodia experiences a decrease in tourist traffic in October as it is the shoulder season located between the wet monsoon months and the popular dry season starting in November. The lower number of tourists results in less crowded tourist spots, making this an ideal time if you want to experience the country's attractions, such as the temples of Angkor, in a more relaxed environment.

Also, with fewer tourists, accommodation and tour prices are usually lower, making it a better value compared to the high season (December to February).

Based on all of the above, traveling in October not only allows you to see the country with fewer tourists, but also allows you to take advantage of more budget-friendly travel options, and the weather at this time is starting to improve compared to the peak of the rainy season.

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Festivals and events in Cambodia in October

October in Cambodia is a rich cultural month, highlighted by the Pchum Ben Festival, which begins in late September and lasts until early October. Also known as Ancestors' Day, this momentous event is a period when Cambodians honor their deceased relatives through offerings and prayers, giving travelers a deep insight into the country's spiritual and communal traditions.

In addition to Phum Ben, the Water Festival, or Bon Om Touk, begins at the end of the month and is characterized by boat races, fireworks, and lively celebrations along the waterways, especially in cities like Phnom Penh and Siem Reap.

These festivals not only showcase Cambodia's rich cultural heritage but also generate lively scenes and activities. However, they also lead to increased demand for travel and accommodation, so it is essential to book accommodation in advance to take part in these unique cultural events without any inconvenience.

Sunset trip on the Mekong

Sunset trip on the Mekong, Cambodia  © Shutterstock

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An aerial view of M'Pay bay village on Rong Samloem island (Koh Rong), Cambodia © Shutterstock

M'Pay Bay Village on Rong Samloem Island (Koh Rong) © Shutterstock

Visit Cambodia in other months

While each month offers a unique Cambodia experience, the best time to visit depends on your travel preferences, whether it's exploring ancient temples, enjoying the beaches, or participating in cultural activities. Here's a quick overview of what to expect in Cambodia by month:

  • November: Marking the start of the peak season, November offers cool, dry weather, ideal for exploring and comfortable travel.
  • December: With cool temperatures and low humidity, December is one of the best times to visit, perfect for holiday celebrations and year-end travels.
  • January: The dry season is in full swing, offering sunny days and cool evenings, making it perfect for temple tours and outdoor adventures.
  • February: Still within the dry season, February provides excellent weather conditions for sightseeing, with minimal rainfall and comfortable temperatures.
  • March: As the hot season begins, temperatures start to rise, making early morning and late afternoon the best times for outdoor activities.
  • April: Known for the hottest temperatures of the year, April is also celebrated for the Khmer New Year, a significant cultural festival.
  • May: The beginning of the monsoon season brings sporadic showers, cooling down the hot temperatures and bringing the landscape to life.
  • June: Rainfall increases, leading to lush landscapes and fewer tourists, ideal for those seeking a quieter experience.
  • July: Similar to June, expect warm weather with regular rain showers, offering verdant scenery and fewer crowds.
  • August: The wet season continues with frequent rains, making it a good time for river and waterfall visits.
  • September: As the rainy season persists, the countryside is at its most beautiful, with vibrant greenery and full waterways.
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