Morocco weather in May

May in Morocco ushers in a delightful fusion of climates, offering an optimal backdrop for diverse travel experiences. As spring transitions into early summer, the weather paints a vivid picture across the country. 

This bustling period coincides with the vibrant landscapes, but for those seeking a more tranquil journey, the shoulder season's imminent arrival in late May provides a perfect balance. Here is our guide to the weather in Morocco in May.

Is May a good time to visit Morocco?

In May, Morocco blooms into a captivating destination as the weather warms up, offering a delightful ambience for travellers. The pleasant temperatures make it an excellent time to meander through the labyrinthine streets of ancient cities, savour the local cuisine, and appreciate the country's rich historical and architectural heritage.

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Colorful handmade leather slippers (babouches) on a market in Marrakech, Morocco © Ekaterina Pokrovsky/Shutterstock

The weather in Morocco in May is great for visiting markets © Shutterstock

Air & sea temperatures in Morocco in May

The weather in Morocco in May brings a shift in temperatures across its diverse regions. Particularly along the Atlantic and Mediterranean coasts, sea temperatures in May generally start to rise, offering a pleasant environment for water activities. Sea temperatures can range from around 17 to 19°C (63 to 66°F). 

Temperatures in northern Morocco

In the north, encompassing cities like Tangier and Tetouan, May ushers in pleasant temperatures ranging from 18 to 26°C (64 to 79°F).

Temperatures in central Morocco

Moving towards central Morocco, including cities such as Rabat and Casablanca, May sees a gradual rise in temperatures, with daytime highs hovering around 20 to 28°C (68 to 82°F).

Temperatures in Morocco’s mountains

Venturing into the Atlas Mountains, towns like Ifrane and Azrou experience cool temperatures, ranging from 10 to 20°C (50 to 68°F), providing a refreshing mountain retreat.

Temperatures in southern Morocco

Heading south to destinations like Marrakech and Ouarzazate, May signals warmer temperatures, with daytime highs reaching 26 to 35°C (79 to 95°F), offering an enticing climate for desert exploration.

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Dades Gorge, Morocco © Shutterstock

Average rainfall in May

As May unfolds, Morocco continues its shift towards drier weather. The average rainfall decreases further, contributing to the emergence of warmer and sunnier conditions. While coastal areas might still receive some precipitation, it is typically light and sporadic. 

May is considered a relatively dry month, making it an excellent time for outdoor activities and cultural exploration without the concern of frequent rain showers.

Ait Benhaddou fortified city in Morocco  © Shutterstock

Ait Benhaddou fortified city in Morocco © Shutterstock

What about the crowd & cost?

May in Morocco marks a transition towards warmer weather and a gradual increase in tourist numbers. While crowds remain relatively moderate, especially compared to the peak season, it's advisable to book accommodations and activities in advance to secure favourable prices. 

May offers a sweet spot where travellers can still enjoy reasonable costs while experiencing the beauty of Morocco in the emerging spring.

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Essaouira in Morocco © Shutterstock

The weather in Morocco in May is great for discovering cities © Shutterstock

Tips for travelling to Morocco in May

To ensure your trip is both enjoyable and comfortable, consider these essential tips for navigating Morocco in May.

What to pack for Morocco in May?

The weather in Morocco in May starts to warm up, so packing lightweight and breathable clothing is essential. Opt for comfortable and modest attire, such as loose-fitting pants, long skirts, and tops with short or three-quarter sleeves to respect local customs. 

Don't forget to include a hat, sunglasses, and sunscreen to shield yourself from the increasing sun exposure. Sturdy and comfortable walking shoes are crucial for exploring diverse landscapes, from bustling medinas to scenic outdoor sites.

Insect repellent

While exploring the enchanting outdoors in May, it's wise to pack insect repellent. The warmer weather can attract various insects, and having a reliable repellent ensures a more comfortable experience. Apply it before venturing into nature reserves or during evening strolls to ward off any potential nuisances.

Local markets

When exploring Morocco's vibrant local markets in May, practice courteous personal space awareness, embrace polite interactions with vendors, negotiate with respect, seek permission before photographing, and keep a vigilant eye on your belongings.


The weather in Morocco in May can be a bit warm. As temperatures rise, staying hydrated becomes paramount. Carry a reusable water bottle to ensure you have access to water throughout your explorations.

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Morning landscape of coastal village Taghazout, Morocco. Taghazout is a small fishing and surfing village © zodyakuz/Shutterstock

Taghazout, Morocco © Shutterstock

What to do in Morocco in May

Welcome to May in Morocco, where the landscapes bloom with cultural celebrations, outdoor adventures, and serene escapes. Here’s our guide to the best things to do in Morocco in May,

Gnaoua World Music Festival,

Feel the rhythm of Morocco at the Gnaoua World Music Festival. May transforms Essaouira into a vibrant tapestry of music, dance, and cultural fusion. Join the festivities and witness the captivating performances that echo through the historic streets.

Rose Festival

Indulge your senses in the fragrant festivities of the Rose Festival. May is the perfect time to visit the Valley of Roses, where the air is filled with the sweet scent of blooming flowers. Join the locals in celebrating the rose harvest with parades, music, and a delightful display of local craftsmanship.

Yoga retreat in the mountains

Nurture your body and soul with a yoga retreat in the Moroccan mountains. May's mild weather creates an idyllic setting for rejuvenating sessions amidst breathtaking landscapes. Embrace tranquillity and find your balance in the serene mountain retreats. The weather in Morocco in May is perfect for this kind of retreat.

The weather in Morocco in May is great for bike tours © Shutterstock

The weather in Morocco in May is great for bike tours © Shutterstock

Bike tours in the Ouirgane Valley

Saddle up for adventure with bike tours through the scenic Ouirgane Valley. May invites you to explore Morocco's diverse terrain on two wheels, pedalling through picturesque villages, lush valleys, and the stunning backdrop of the Atlas Mountains.

Shop at local markets

Immerse yourself in the vibrant tapestry of Moroccan markets. In May, the local markets burst with colour and energy. Explore the souks, haggle for unique treasures, and let the bustling atmosphere envelop you in the authentic charm of Moroccan commerce.

Explore Ait Benhaddou 

Step back in time as you explore the ancient beauty of Ait Benhaddou. May's moderate temperatures make it an ideal time to wander through the UNESCO World Heritage site, marvelling at the mud-brick architecture and the rich history that unfolds in every corner.

Panoramic view from the Daliyya (Dalia) Beach on the Strait of Gibraltar, Tangier, Morocco © Shutterstock

Panoramic view from the Daliyya (Dalia) Beach, Tangier, Morocco © Shutterstock

Planning your May Morocco trip

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