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A short hop across the Strait of Gibraltar but a world away from Europe, Morocco is an intoxicating experience. Few countries can match its mix of iconic monuments, deep-rooted traditions and geographical diversity, and whether you’re hoping to barter in the souks of Fez, hike in the High Atlas Mountains or oasis-hop through the vast palmeries of the south, our map of Morocco will help point you in the right direction.

Morocco’s capital of chic, Marrakesh, has become a hub for the rich and famous from Europe and beyond. Despite this, Marrakesh still has it all, from hip cafes, to the evening kitchens erected in the famous Jemaa el Fna where locals rub shoulders with adventurous tourists on rough plastic tables. With travel often relatively affordable for most Europeans, Morocco provides a whole lot of cultural bang for your buck, and is an immersive experience you won’t want to come up from.

If you are planning to travel, check out Morocco itineraries, read more on the best places to go in Morocco, learn about getting there and where to stay once you are there.

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