Greece weather in June

Considering taking a summer trip to Greece? Read on to find out about the weather in Greece in June, and what to expect in terms of costs and crowds. Here we also share itinerary suggestions that might just make your trip all the more memorable.

Greece in June at a glance

  • June in Greece means the start of summer, with temperatures ranging from 20°C to 28°C (68°F to 82°F) .
  • You can expect mostly warm and sunny weather throughout the country.
  • This is a great time to visit for those who wish to hit the beach during their stay.
  • June is peak tourist season for Greece, so you can expect more crowds and increased costs during this month.

Is June a good time to visit Greece?

For sunseekers, June is a great time to visit Greece. Though this month sees visitor numbers ramping up, they’re not quite at peak summer season levels yet. 

This means you can expect long, sunny days without the heat being too stifling, or too many fellow tourists and travellers cramping your style. 

In many ways, with airlines and ferry operators starting to switch to their summer schedules, visiting Greece in June offers the best of both worlds. That is to say, you’ll get to enjoy all the advantages of summer season travel without the downsides.

Thinking of visiting Greece in June? Talk to our local Greek travel experts and save yourself the hustle of planning.

Santorini with sunset over Church in Fira town, Greece © Shutterstock

Wondering about the weather in Geece in June? Expect warm, sunny days and pleasant evenings © Shutterstock

Air and sea temperatures in Greece in June

Come June, most of Greece is wonderfully warm — ideal for making the most of the beautiful Greek beaches.

Taking Athens as a benchmark that’s representative of the weather you can expect across the country’s most popular holiday destinations, you’re looking at average daily highs of 26-28ºC. Come the evening, the average temperature drops to around 19ºC. 

And in good news, if you’re dreaming of bathing in the sea or enjoying water sports, the average sea temperature is 22ºC. 

Convinced to go? Browse our inspirational Greece itineraries to start planning your perfect trip.

Symi island in Greece © Shutterstock

Symi island, Greece © Shutterstock

Can it rain in Greece in June?

In more good news, rain is pretty rare in Greece in June, and you stand even less chance of experiencing rain if you head south.

Heading north? Be aware that the Pindus mountains bring more rain to the west than the east.

For more details on the weather in Greece around the year, read up on when to go to Greece

Hydra island © Shutterstock

Hydra island © Shutterstock

What about the crowd and cost?

If you visit Greece in early June, you’ll beat the biggest crowds, with visitor numbers increasing as the month progresses. That’s especially the case on island favourites like Mykonos and Santorini.

As for the cost, you might still be able to secure some shoulder season savings in early June. By the end of the month, airlines and accommodation have introduced peak season costs.

Set on taking a trip this summer? Discover more of the best places to visit in June.

Port Mykonos in evening, Greece © Shutterstock

Port Mykonos, Greece © Shutterstock

What to wear in Greece in June

Given the average daily temperatures, if you visit Greece in June you’ll want to wear your summer gear. We’re talking shorts, t-shirts, summer dresses and swimwear.

You’ll also want sunscreen and a sunhat. And, if you’re planning to do a lot of walking, don’t forget to bring suitable footwear as well as flip-flops and sandals.

Fteri beach in Kefalonia Island, Greece © Shutterstock

Visiting Greece in June? Pack plenty of beachwear. Fteri beach, Kefalonia © Shutterstock

Unforgettable, fully customisable Greece itineraries 

Longing for an early summer break that delivers glorious sun, stunning scenery, stacks of cultural experiences, and fabulous food?

Our customisable Greece itineraries are sure to spark inspiration, with a local Greek travel expert on hand to take the hassle out of planning and booking.

  • Athens — City of the Gods (4 days): if you’re short on time and big on culture, this 3-night trip offers immersive insights to Athens’ ancient wonders and modern verve. From taking in the Classical charm of the Acropolis and the Parthenon, to indulging in the city’s thriving modern food scene in local tavernas, it’s a feast for the senses.
  • Epirus and Athens — the Ancient Sites (8 days): shrouded in myths and legends of Greek gods and Roman and Byzantine warriors, sites in the Epirus region of Greece have fascinating tales to tell. Add to that exploring Athens and the magic of mortuaries Zagori, and this amounts to a diversely exhilarating experience.
  • Coast of Crete — a stunning self-drive experience (10 days): if you’re longing for awe-inspiring scenery, ancient culture, and a sense of freedom, this self-drive trip along Crete’s coast has your name all over it.
Balos lagoon on Crete island, Greece © Shutterstock

Balos lagoon, Crete island, Greece © Shutterstock

What to do in Greece in June

Celebrate local festivals and events

Athens and Epidavros Festival

Kicking off in late May and running through to October, the Athens and Epidavros Festival celebrates ancient Greek dramatists. 

Performances are staged in modern and ancient venues across both cities, including the ancient Theatre of Epidavros.

Miaoulia Festival

Held during the last week of June on the Argo-Saronic island of Hydra, the Miaoulia Festival is named after War of Independence hero, Admiral Andres Miaoulis.

Today's events showcase everything from traditional dance and ballet to circus acts. You can also expect street parades and art shows.

Go Island hopping and explore the beaches

With the weather in Greece in June being wonderfully warm — and warmer still on the southern islands — it’s a great month for island hopping and beach exploration.

Corfu, Rhodes, Santorini... the most beautiful Greek islands are waiting to be discovered by you. At the beginning of summer you’ll find all the ferry schedules up and running.

Enjoy the great outdoors

Being warm, but not prohibitively scorching, June is a good time to visit Greece for adventure sports.

You can take your pick from trekking, rock climbing, mountaineering, biking, canyoning, snorkeling and kayaking. Our recommendation is to explore the Samaria Gorge in Crete or the Vikos Gorge in the Zagori region.

Epidaurus Epidavros Theatre, Greece © Shutterstock

Epidavros Theatre, Greece © Shutterstock

Planning your June trip to Greece

Considering visiting Greece in June, or any other time of the year, for that matter? Get yourself a copy of The Rough Guide to Greece to start planning your dream trip. 

Alternatively, if you’re not keen on planning, browse our customisable Greece itineraries, and talk to our local Greece travel experts.

Love the sound of exploring Greece away from the mainland? Read up on the best Greek Islands, and get yourself The Rough Guide to Greek Islands.

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