We asked our Twitter and Facebook friends and followers which country they thought was the friendliest in the world. Everywhere from Albania to Uganda was mentioned but these are the top ten friendliest countries in the world as voted by you.

10. Sri Lanka

Starting the countdown, Sri Lanka took the tenth spot in our reader poll. Hospitality here is famously wonderful – and the scenery isn't bad either, what with the tea plantations and gorgeous beaches on offer.

10 - Sri Lanka

9. Scotland

Next on the list is Scotland, a country that garnered votes on both Twitter and the Rough Guides website. Rebecca Drees insisted on RG.com that, "Scotland can claim its fame to rural friendliness".

9 - Scotland

8. Fiji

One RoughGuides.com user summed up Fiji's entry in the list well. Englishian declared, "definitely Fiji. I've also been to Canada, Thailand and Cambodia but the Fijians are genuinely the nicest people I've ever met! They have the biggest hearts and although they're poor, they say they're rich in life".

8 - Fiji

7. Indonesia

From Bali's stunning white beaches and temples to the enigmatic ruins of Java and the jungles of Sumatra, Indonesia is populated with welcoming locals.

7 - Indonesia

6. Myanmar

Myanmar (Burma) may have been off-limits for some time, but has been increasing in popularity of late. @Zoetipler deemed its inhabitants "welcoming, generous, and super hospitable".

6 - Myanmar

5. Thailand

Another popular choice, Thailand slides in at Number Five. @halcyonnicole said on Twitter: "Friendliness is a two way street. While smiles are contagious, nothing beats the Land of Smiles".

5 - Thailand

4. Nepal

Nepal's peoples belong to a host of distinctive ethnic groups, and speak a host of languages, but in your experience share a uniquely gregarious nature. Head to our full destination page to fully explore this beguiling country's charms.

4 - Nepal

3. Laos

The third most welcoming country in the world according to Rough Guides fans and followers is landlocked Laos in South East Asia. Twitter user @achapcalledjay remarked, "Friendliness seems a way of life. Three weeks there and not one raised voice".

3 - Laos

2. The Philippines

Cut off from the mainland Asia route by the South China Sea, The Philippines is often in danger of being overlooked by travellers, which would be a big mistake. @SaviorThere mentioned on Twitter that the country "was off the chart for friendliness & fun".

2 - The Philippines

1. Cambodia

Cambodia was by far the top answer in our poll, and a popular choice among staff members and Rough Guides Twitter followers alike. @AndreaLeber declared, "They've been though so much and still have a smile on their face!".

1 - Cambodia

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