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Stretching 30km southwest from Egilsstaðir, Lögurinn is a long, narrow lake on the mid-reaches of the Largarfljót river – which itself originates up in the highlands at Vatnajökull’s northeastern edge, near Snæfell. Unusually for Iceland, the eastern shore is fairly well wooded; there’s also saga lore and medieval remains to take in, along with an impressive waterfall. Deep and green, the lake itself is said to be home to the Lagarfljótsormur, a monster of the Scottish Loch Ness and Swedish Storsjön clans. It’s so elusive that nobody is even very sure what it looks like – keep up to date with the latest sightings at

Lögurinn and its sights take an easy few hours to circuit in your own vehicle (there’s no public transport around the lake); the two bridges across are both down towards the southern end of the lake. You’ll also need to pass around the lake en route to Kárahnjúkar and Snæfell, as the road runs off Lögurinn’s southwestern shore.

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