The People's Choice

1. Nepal

Resounding support for Nepal echoed through our #travelin2016 Twitter hashtag – and you voted the country the top place to visit in year’s People’s Choice list. We’re all in agreement: tourism is key to helping Nepal recover. From its majestic mountains and lush green rice paddies to decorated temples and chaotic capital, the country also remains an undoubtedly beguiling place. If you’re planning a trip, check this website to find out the latest news on the recuperation of Nepal’s tourism industry.

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2. The Philippines

This Southeast Asian nation has long captured our attention, and you’ve decided this is the year to go to the Philippines. There are over 7000 islands to choose from, so whether you want an isolated, hard-to-get-to escape (try Batanes), or a laidback surf holiday (head to Panglao Island for some of country’s most beautiful sandy beaches), there’s something for everyone here.

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3. Myanmar

The popularity of this enchanting country has been steadily increasing since the tourism ban was lifted in 2010. Visitors have been flocking to its wild beaches and magical temples in their droves. The country’s tourism infrastructure is rapidly improving and opening up more previously untouched areas to travellers. Head there in 2016 to get a taste of how Myanmar is shrugging off 50 years of military rule to become one of Asia’s most exciting destinations.

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4. India

India is so vast that just one trip, no matter how long, can never be enough to satisfy your curiosity about its colourful culture and beautiful natural landscapes. The north has a sweltering mix of ancient cities, arid desert and towering mountains, while the south is a green haven with palm-fringed beaches and some of the country’s most impressive temples. You could argue that any year is a good year to visit India, but our readers think this year is the one.

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5. Iceland

With more budget flight routes from the US and UK to Reykjavík in 2016, this year is a prime time to get your fix of the Land of Fire and Ice – and you’ve cottoned on. Enjoy a break in the capital before heading out to explore the island’s otherworldly landscapes. Volcanoes with impossibly long names, cascading waterfalls and black-sand beaches are just a few of the wonders to discover, not to mention the opportunity to see the most elusive light show in the world: the Northern Lights.

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6. Greece

Despite a rocky financial and political year, Greece remains resilient. Last year we crowned it one of our top destinations, and you think it still deserves the limelight in 2016. Brilliant beaches, charming islands, excellent water sports and world-class climbing are just a few of the reasons to visit.

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7. Vietnam

Great food, gorgeous trekking routes, beautiful beaches and fascinating cities stuffed full of excellent budget accommodation have put Vietnam firmly on many a traveller’s bucket list. Numbers are ever-increasing: in November 2015, over 730,000 people visited Vietnam, more than a 20 percent increase on the previous year. Head to Vietnam in February 2016 for New Year (also known as Tết) celebrations (6–14 Feb) across the country.


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8. The USA

It’s fitting that Rough Guides readers voted the USA one of the best places to visit in 2016, with the US National Parks Service celebrating its centenary this year. And if you’re into exploring the outdoors, the opportunities are endless, with 58 national parks to visit, from iconic Yosemite to the newest addition, Pinnacles National Park. Away from the wilderness, you’ll find booming cities, epic road trips, surf-lashed beaches, hedonistic music festivals, some of the world’s best restaurants and plenty more besides.

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9. Peru

According to you, Peru is the place to be in South America this year. Astounding Machu Picchu, the mysterious Nasca Lines and the exuberant capital, Lima, will always be popular, but there’s good reason to get off the tourist track too. Last year saw the opening of the Túcume Museum in northwestern Peru, an area little-visited by foreign tourists, which examines in impressive detail the lives of pre-Inca civilizations among some truly ancient ruins.

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10. Thailand

It’s hardly a surprise that you voted Thailand one of the best places to visit in 2016. The country has long been a favourite on the backpacker trail, with its glorious beaches, idyllic islands and fascinating temples. This year, explore further – lush green jungle, sleepy villages, remote mountain treks and hidden coastlines are just a few of the joys that await.

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