Weather in South Africa in April

Plan your trip to South Africa in April and discover a country transitioning gracefully from the warmth of summer to the crispness of autumn. April finds itself nestled within the shoulder season of South Africa, meaning quieter attractions, lower prices, and clear skies fantastic for wildlife viewing. Here is our guide to the weather in South Africa in April.



What is the weather like in South Africa in April?

Weather in South Africa in April typically sees the transition from summer to autumn, offering pleasant conditions for your trip. Generally, April in South Africa experiences mild temperatures with warm days and cooler evenings, making it an ideal time for outdoor activities such as safaris, hiking, or exploring scenic landscapes. However, it's worth noting that temperatures can vary significantly depending on the region (more on that later). 

April falls into the shoulder season in South Africa, meaning it's neither high nor low season. This can be advantageous for some as it often translates to fewer crowds and more affordable accommodation options compared to peak summer months. Wildlife enthusiasts might also find this time particularly appealing as it coincides with the end of the rainy season, leading to clearer skies and better opportunities for wildlife sightings.

On average, South Africa experiences relatively low rainfall in April, typically ranging from 10mm to 50mm across different regions. This means you can expect mostly dry weather — although sporadic showers are still possible, especially in the eastern parts of the country.

Overall, April can be a great time to visit South Africa because it offers comfortable weather conditions, fewer crowds, and excellent opportunities for outdoor adventures and wildlife viewing.

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Hiking in the Augrabies Falls National Park © Great Stock/Shutterstock

Hiking in the Augrabies Falls National Park © Great Stock/Shutterstock

Temperatures in South Africa in April

The weather in South Africa in April means gradually lowering temperatures. While the northern regions remain relatively warm, coastal areas experience milder temperatures, and inland regions are cooler

Coastal areas

In April, coastal areas of South Africa (cities like Cape Town and Durban) generally experience mild to warm temperatures. Daily highs typically range from 20°C to 28°C (68°F to 82°F), with cooler evenings and mornings.

For more details on the weather in Cape Town, read our guide to the best time to visit Cape Town.

Interior plateau

On the interior plateau, April temperatures in South Africa can vary. During the day, temperatures usually range from 18°C to 25°C (64°F to 77°F), with cooler nights ranging from 8°C to 15°C (46°F to 59°F).

Northern regions

In April, the northern regions of South Africa, such as Johannesburg and Pretoria,  tend to be warmer compared to other areas. Daytime temperatures often reach between 25°C to 32°C (77°F to 90°F), with nighttime temperatures ranging from 15°C to 20°C (59°F to 68°F).

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Black rhino feeding in the golden afternoon light © Lance van de Vyver/Shutterstock

The weather in South Africa in April is great for viewing wildlife © Shutterstock

Is April a good time to visit South Africa?

Yes, April is generally a favorable time to visit South Africa, with comfortable temperatures and less rainfall compared to the preceding months. In popular destinations like Cape Town, April brings pleasant weather with mild temperatures great for for outdoor activities such as hiking Table Mountain or exploring the scenic coastline.

In regions like Kruger National Park, April marks the beginning of the dry season, making it an excellent time for wildlife viewing as animals gather around water sources.

While April generally sees fewer crowds and lower accommodation rates compared to the peak summer months, it's advisable to book accommodations and tours in advance, especially if you plan to visit popular tourist spots. Additionally, it's wise to pack layers and be prepared for occasional rain showers, particularly in coastal areas and regions like the Garden Route.

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What about crowds and costs?

In April, South Africa experiences moderate tourist traffic. While it may not be as busy as the summer months (December to February) or the winter high season (June to August), April still sees a decent number of tourists, particularly around Easter holidays and school breaks.

For this reason, if you’re planning a trip in April, you might want to avoid the end of the month.

As for costs, April often falls within the shoulder season, meaning accommodation and tour prices might be slightly lower compared to the peak months. However, it's you’ll want to double-check your itinerary, as prices can vary depending on specific destinations and events happening during this month.

April is a great alternative if you are seeking a balance between manageable crowds and reasonable costs while still enjoying pleasant weather.

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A camelthorn tree with a sociable weaver community nest on the road from the N14-road to the Onseepkans border post on the border of Namibia © Shutterstock

A camelthorn tree with a sociable weaver community nest, N14-road © Shutterstock

Festivals and events in South Africa in April

If you’re planning your trip to South Africa in April, you might want to check out these events. Though, be warned — if you plan on attending, be sure to book your accommodation as far in advance as possible. For more inspiration for your South African trip, see our list of the best things to do in South Africa.

Two Oceans Marathon

The Two Oceans Marathon, held in Cape Town, is one of the world's most scenic ultramarathons. Offering both a 56-kilometer ultra-marathon and a half marathon, the race takes participants along the spectacular coastal roads of the Cape Peninsula, offering breathtaking views of the Atlantic and Indian Oceans. 

You can either participate in the race or join the cheering crowds lining the route to support the runners. 

Klein Karoo National Arts Festival

Taking place in Oudtshoorn, the KKNK is one of South Africa's largest arts festivals, showcasing a diverse range of visual arts, theater, music, and dance performances. Here you can experience the vibrant cultural scene of South Africa, with both established and emerging artists presenting their work. The festival also features food stalls, craft markets, and workshops. 


AfrikaBurn, held in the Tankwa Karoo National Park, is Africa's largest and most unique arts and culture festival. Inspired by the Burning Man event in the United States, AfrikaBurn celebrates creativity, self-expression, and community spirit. Here you can immerse yourself in a temporary city filled with larger-than-life art installations, theme camps, and interactive performances.

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Kirstenbosch National park in cape town, South Africa © Shutterstock

Kirstenbosch National park in Cape Town, South Africa © Shutterstock

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  • Cape Town and Garden Route (7 days): Discover Cape Town's vibrant culture and the scenic wonders of the Garden Route, including Knysna and Mossel Bay, where thrilling safaris await.
  • Explore the North of South Africa (7 days): Short on time? Stay near Johannesburg. Begin at the Lost City theme park, then head to Madikwe for wildlife safaris.
  • Safaris, culture & wine (17 days): Discover South Africa's essence with a whirlwind itinerary: Johannesburg, Kruger NP safaris, Cape Peninsula wine tasting, and Eastern Cape exploration.

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Visit South Africa in other months

Still mulling over when the best time for your trip is? Here’s a month by month break down of the weather in South Africa.

  • May: Welcome the onset of winter with mild temperatures, ideal for wildlife spotting and outdoor exploits with fewer crowds.
  • June: A great time for a trip amidst chilly temperatures, perfect for fireside coziness and discovering the scenic allure of the Garden Route.
  • July: For a winter retreat amid clear skies, perfect for stargazing and more.
  • August: Bear witness to the annual whale migration along the southern coast while relishing crisp mornings and sunny afternoons.
  • September: Embrace the arrival of spring, breathing new life into the landscape with blossoming flowers and opportunities for picturesque countryside hikes.
  • October: Experience a pleasant transition to warmer weather, ideal for outdoor adventures like national park visits and savoring local cuisine.
  • November: Get redy for early summer vibes with lengthening days and the mesmerizing display of wildflowers blooming across the Western Cape.
  • December: Travel during the height of summer with bustling cities, vibrant festivals, and boundless opportunities for outdoor escapades.
  • January: Begin the year amidst balmy temperatures and cultural festivities, perfect for exploring exquisite beaches and diverse wildlife.
  • February: Opt for a summer excursion amid sweltering temperatures, ideal for leisurely beachfront lounging and safari escapades.
  • March: Experience the delightful transition to autumn with cooler climes, ideal for outdoor pursuits such as countryside hikes and wine tasting.
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