Mexico Weather in April

As springtime awakens the colourful landscapes of Mexico, April brings forth a delightful tapestry of weather conditions across this captivating country. From the sun-soaked coastlines to the enchanting highlands, Mexico dons a diverse climate that invites travellers and locals alike to revel in its splendid beauty. In this article, we embark on a journey through the weather in Mexico in April, exploring the various regions' climate patterns and discovering the perfect conditions to indulge in outdoor adventures or savor tranquil moments amidst nature's grace.

What is the weather like in Mexico in April?

The weather in Mexico in April varies across different regions, offering a delightful mix of climates to suit various preferences.

The eastern coastal areas of Mexico, including Cancun, Tulum, and Playa del Carmen, experience the peak of their dry season during April. Expect splendid weather with abundant sunshine and warm temperatures.

Oaxaca, located in the southern part of Mexico, experiences a transition in April, marking the end of the dry season and the beginning of the rainy season. While the weather is generally warm and pleasant during the day, with temperatures hovering around the mid-20°C to high-20°C (70-80°F), occasional short rain showers may occur.

In Mexico City and the central highlands, April brings a welcome respite from the cooler months. The city experiences mild and comfortable temperatures during the day, ranging from about 18°C to 24°C (60-70°F).

Overall, April presents an ideal window to visit Mexico, as most regions enjoy dry and sunny weather, making it a fantastic time for beach vacations, cultural excursions, and embracing the natural beauty of this enchanting country.

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Cancún, Mexico

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Is Mexico warm in April?

Yes, it's warm in April. Along the Pacific coast, Sayulita basks in the warmth of approximately 28°C (82°F), beckoning surfers and sun-seekers alike.

Colonial Guanajuato has slightly milder days but still has average temperatures of around 25°C (77°F), ideal for exploring its captivating alleys and historic landmarks.

On Cozumel, visitors can expect nine hours of sunshine daily, with warm and sometimes humid temperatures of around 27°C (81°F).

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Is April a good time to visit Mexico?

The weather in Mexico in April is very pleasant, making it a great month to visit the country. Next to that, you will travel just before the holiday season and just after the peak season. You will experience cheap(er) prices and more availability.

April can be a great time to visit. Late winter is the traditional tourist season in Mexico, and in the big resorts like Acapulco and Cancún, the months from December to April are the busiest.

It's also the tail end of the whale-watching season in Baja with thousands of grey whales arriving to mate in the lagoons of Guerrero Negro and San Ignacio. Prices often drop in late April as Mexico enters its “shoulder” seasons.

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Average rainfall in Mexico in April

In April, the northern regions continue to see low rainfall, with averages ranging from 0 to 25 mm (0 to 1 inch).

Central regions, including Mexico City, remain relatively dry, with an average rainfall of around 5 to 15 mm (0.2 to 0.6 inches).

Eastern coastal areas, like the Yucatan Peninsula and destinations such as Cancun and the Riviera Maya, may experience slightly higher rainfall, with averages ranging from 25 to 75 mm (1 to 3 inches).

Southern states like Chiapas and Oaxaca may still see significant rainfall, with averages ranging from 75 to 150 mm (3 to 6 inches).

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Festivals and events in Mexico in April

There are several festivals and events that take place in Mexico during the month of April. This is the biggest:

  • Semana Santa (Holy Week) (April but moveable). The country’s biggest holiday, beginning on Palm Sunday and finishing a week later on Easter Sunday. Still a deeply religious festival in Mexico, it celebrates the resurrection of Christ, and is also an occasion to venerate the Virgin Mary, with processions bearing her image now a hallmark of the celebrations. Pilgrims converge on churches, and people re-enact the Passion of Christ. The most famous staging is in Iztapalapa, outside Mexico City, where the event involves a cast of thousands, buckets of fake blood and more than a million spectators. Transport is disrupted everywhere as virtually the whole country is on the move, and you will definitely need to plan ahead if travelling. Many places close for the whole of Holy Week, and certainly from Thursday to Sunday.

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