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Think of your Japan Travel Agent as a friend who lives and works in the country you want to visit.

They know the place inside out - saving you hours of research - and can plan and book a trip that’s 100% tailored to your wishes, and supports local businesses too.

They have excellent relationships with transport companies, hotels, and activity providers - ready to score the best deal for you!

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Meet your Japan Travel Agents

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One summer when I was a university student, I traveled around 17 or 18 European countries for about 3 months, and 3 countries for about 1 month in the winter before I graduated, with the money I had saved from my part-time job.
At that time, I was deeply moved by the wonderful history, culture, traditions, and people I came into contact with, I decided to enter the travel industry to share these wonderful experiences with as many Japanese people as possible,
and I have been working in this field over 25 years.
And as time went on, I am now on the other side, allowing foreign travelers to explore Japan, hoping to share the wonderful things I have experienced in Europe and the hospitality (so called O-MO-TE-NA-SHI in Japanese) I received from the local people.

Our tour operator is based in Tokyo but specializes on unique combination tours to show travelers the modern and traditional faces of Japan though both our metropolitan and rural areas. Japan is best to be discovered using our extensive train network and we can book all passes for you. We work with many different accommodation providers, from local Ryokans to 5-Star Hotels, our selection is very diverse. Our unique culture is what sets Japan apart and our well-trained guides are ready to show you our cuisine, our fascination with sports and sumo, our history and our religions.

Our tours are best suited to those looking for a fully pre-booked, authentic trip in Japan.

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With about 15 years of experience as a passionate trip designer specializing in private and tailor-made journeys, I've had the privilege of crafting numerous unforgettable and worry-free experiences for travelers. 

Based in Australia and Asia, my company has excelled in curating premier private and custom tours for over 20 years. Offering unique travel experiences and creating lifetime memories for each customer is a strong belief that we are always insisting on. Whether its timeless traditions found in Japan's ancient temples, the awe-inspiring diversity of Australia's landscapes, or uncovering hidden gems, we're determined to build the perfect trip for you.

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Unforgettable - and completely customisable - Japan itineraries

Small Group Tour: Splendours of JapanSmall Group Tour: Splendours of Japan - image 1Small Group Tour: Splendours of Japan - image 2
13 days / 3535 USD

Small Group Tour: Splendours of Japan

Discover the allure of Japan on our small group tour (max 16 guests). Unveil Tokyo, Kanazawa, Kyoto, Osaka, and Okayama through guided explorations. Immerse in tea ceremonies and relish in the captivating beauty of these iconic destinations. Regular departures ensure an unforgettable journey.

Small Group Tour: Secrets of JapanSmall Group Tour: Secrets of Japan - image 1Small Group Tour: Secrets of Japan - image 2
14 days / 4070 USD

Small Group Tour: Secrets of Japan

Embark on an exceptional small-group tour, available monthly, unveiling Tokyo, Hakone, Hiroshima, Osaka, Kyoto, and beyond. Uncover Japan's hidden gems, from serene shrines to bustling cities, and immerse in enchanting forests.

Small Group Tour: Highlights of JapanSmall Group Tour: Highlights of Japan - image 1Small Group Tour: Highlights of Japan - image 2
10 days / 2795 USD

Small Group Tour: Highlights of Japan

Exciting small-group tour with monthly departures. Immerse in Japanese culture, challenge a pro in a sumo suit, wander Arashiyama's bamboo groves in Kyoto, and relish a kaiseki feast with Maiko entertainment - all included in this fascinating small group tour.

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