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Garganta del Chorro

Fifty kilometres northwest of Málaga lies the deep, rugged canyon of the Río Guadalhorce, known as the Garganta del Chorro. It’s an amazing place – an immense five-kilometre-long cleft in a vast limestone massif, which has become Andalucía’s major centre for rock-climbers. The gorge’s most stunning feature, however, is a concrete catwalk, El Camino del Rey, which threads the length of the gorge, hanging precipitously halfway up its side. Built in the 1920s as part of a hydroelectric scheme, it was one of the wonders of Spain, but it has fallen into disrepair, and access to the catwalk has finally been cut at each end of the gorge, making it impossible to reach without a guide and climbing gear. It’s still possible to explore the rest of the gorge, however, and get a view of the camino by doing the walk described in The walk from El Chorro. A glimpse of both gorge and camino can also be had from any of the trains going north from Málaga – the line, slipping in and out of tunnels, follows the river for a considerable distance along the gorge, before plunging into a last long tunnel just before its head.

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