Iceland // The West Fjords //


From the parking area by the low hills at the head of the lagoon it’s possible to walk up to the snout of the Drangajökull glacier along a trail, marked by cairns, in roughly ninety minutes; from the car park head east, following the low hills, to the track leading along the eastern side of the valley up to the glacier. Keep to the eastern side of the cairns and you’ll find the going easier, although there are still boulders, stones and streams to negotiate. Note that you shouldn’t underestimate the time it’ll take to walk to the glacier – the clear air makes the ice appear much closer than it actually is. If you spot the unmarked path leading up the western edge of the snout, past Drangajökull’s highest point, Jökulbunga (925m), before descending into Furufjörður on the eastern shore of Hornstrandir, don’t be tempted to follow it – it’s strictly for experienced mountaineers only.

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