Twenty kilometres east of Hrafnseyri, at the point where Route 60 weaves around the northeastern corner of Arnarfjörður, the impressive Dynjandi waterfall plunges over a 100m-high clifftop into the fjord at Dynjandisvogur inlet, forming a triangular cascade roughly 30m wide at its top spreading to over 60m at its bottom. Below the main waterfall a series of five smaller chutes carry the waters of the Dynjandisá to the sea. Lit by the low sun, it’s an incredibly pretty place to camp out on a summer night, though the waterfall is famously noisy – dynjandi means “the thundering one”.

All long-distance buses make a ten-minute stop at Dynjandi; and with your own transport, it’s possible to reach the head of the falls – continue south along Route 60 for around 5km, and once the road has climbed up onto the Dynjandisheiði plateau, you’ll see the Dynjandisá river, which crosses the road; walk west from here, following the course of the river to the falls.

Top image: Dynjandi foss cascade waterfall with mossy canyon in the foreground at the Westfjords of Iceland © Alla Khananashvili/Shutterstock

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