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Eyjafjarðardalur valley

South of Akureyri, beyond the head of Eyjafjörður, the tongue-twisting Eyjafjarðardalur (pronounced “ay-ya-farther-darler”) is the wide fertile floodplain surrounding the Eyjafjarðará river, which flows down the valley from its source near Nýjarbæjarafrétt, up in the country’s Interior. The further inland the valley stretches, the wider it becomes, before getting lost in the foothills of the vast highland plateau generally known as Hálendið that forms the uninhabited centre of the country. It’s here that the F821 mountain road begins, as it heads towards the Sprengisandur area of the Interior. If you don’t have your own transport, note that highland tours arranged through a travel agent in Reykjavík provide the only form of transport to the Eyjafjörður valley from Akureyri.

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