Greece //

Fact file

  • Greece has about 14,400km of coastline, the tenth longest in the world.
  • Out of a total population of 10.7 million, 4 percent are immigrants (mostly from Albania). There are also large Greek communities in the US, UK and Australia (Melbourne is the third-largest “Greek” city).
  • With over 370 brands, anise-flavoured ouzo is country’s most famous and popular beverage. Come the evening, the Greeks sip it with a little ice and water while tucking into mezédhes. Stin uyeia sou!
  • Tourism is the country’s main foreign-currency earner, with up to ten million visitors from overseas in a good year; export of agricultural products – especially olive oil and olives, citrus, wine and raisins – is another key industry.
  • Easter is the biggest date on the calendar. Instead of chocolate eggs, locals exchange hard-boiled ones painted red.
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