Best time to visit Wales


The English preoccupation with the weather holds equally for the Welsh. The climate here is temperate, with Welsh summers rarely getting hot and nowhere but the tops of mountain ranges ever getting very cold, even in midwinter. Temperatures vary little, but proximity to the mountains is a different matter: Llanberis, at the foot of Snowdon, gets doused with more than twice as much rainfall as Caernarfon, seven miles away, and is always a few degrees cooler. For much of the summer, Wales – particularly the coast – can be bathed in sun, worth considering when deciding the best time to visit. Between June and September, the Pembrokeshire coast, washed by the Gulf Stream, can be as warm as anywhere in Britain. The bottom line is that it’s impossible to say with any degree of certainty that the weather will be pleasant in any given month. May might be wet and grey one year and gloriously sunny the next, and the same goes for the autumnal months – November stands an equal chance of being crisp and clear or foggy and grim. If you’re planning to lie on a beach, or camp in the dry, you’ll want to go in summer – between June and September – a period when you should book your accommodation as far in advance as possible. For reasonably good weather with less dense crowds go in April, May, September or October. For outdoor pursuits you’ll find June to October the warmest and driest for walking and climbing.

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