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The choice of accommodation in Tokyo ranges from no-expense-spared luxury hotels to atmospheric ryokan and budget hostels charging around ¥2000 a night. Central Tokyo (comprising Ginza, Nihombashi, Akasaka and Roppongi) is largely the domain of expensive, world-class establishments and upmarket business hotels. For cheaper rooms, there’s a greater choice in Shinagawa, Shibuya and Shinjuku to the south and east, and Asakusa, Ueno and Ikebukuro in the north. Wherever you stay, remember that trains stop running around midnight; if you’re a night animal, opt for somewhere near one of the entertainment districts to avoid costly taxi journeys.

Tokyo’s capsule hotels can come in handy if you miss your last train home. However, the marjority are for men with a few exceptions. An alternative crash pad is a manga café.

Whatever your budget, it’s wise to reserve your first few nights’ accommodation before arrival. For more extensive accommodation listings and information about long-term accommodation in the city, see the Rough Guide to Tokyo.

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updated 4/26/2021
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