Colombia // Cartagena and the Caribbean //


Popular with holidaying Colombians but practically undiscovered by overseas travellers, the seaside town of TOLÚ is a pleasant spot to break your journey from Medellín to Cartagena. The laidback vibe is exemplified by the proliferation of bicycles rather than cars, though the brightly decorated bicitaxis, each one blaring its own choice of upbeat music, make up in volume for the lack of motorized traffic. While Tolú’s beaches are nondescript in comparison to the ones in Parque Nacional Tayrona, you can reach those 20km south, near Coveñas, by colectivos from the corner of Cra 2 and C 17 in Tolú. The town’s malecón, lined with restaurants, craft stalls and bars, makes for a nice stroll, but Tolú’s main attraction – the Islas de San Bernardo – lies off the coast.

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