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Art in Amman

Aside from the National Gallery and the three galleries mentioned in this section (Darat Al Funun, Makan and Dar Al Anda), there are many ways to access Amman’s burgeoning art scene: below are just a few.

Current shows are publicized in the Jordan Times and at w and w Nabad (w stands just off Rainbow Street, showcasing changing exhibitions in an atmospheric, traditional villa setting. Nearby is Jacaranda Images (w, devoted to prints and photography. Umm Uthayna hosts the Orfali Gallery (w, which also holds concerts and other events, and the Foresight32 Gallery (w, another exhibition venue and cultural centre. The Gallery, at the InterContinental Hotel, is a long-standing favourite, displaying paintings and photographs.

As well as bank buildings and hotels, cafés such as Canvas, Blue Fig, Duinde and others host shows by local artists, as does the Al Hussein Cultural Centre and Ras Al Ain Gallery in Ras Al Ain. It’s also worth looking online at the work of Ammar Khammash (w, an artist, designer and architect who has worked on several high-profile projects in the capital and nationwide.

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