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Húsafell and around

Route 518 runs 25km east from Reykholt to the pastoral hamlet of HÚSAFELL, a favourite activity centre for holidaying Icelanders and a fantastic place to fetch up for a couple of days of hiking and sightseeing. Though the main draw here is the vast lavafield Hallmundarhraun, there are also some excellent hiking trails leading off into the Húsafellsskógur forest and, more adventurously, up to the Eiríksjökull and Okjökull glaciers. In summer, you can also push further out from here for a taste of Iceland’s Interior, by following the Kaldidalur route (Route 550) southwest to Þingvellir. Public buses can get you as far as Reykholt, but from here you really need your own vehicle to explore.

Set amid birchwoods, the village itself consists of little more than a church, originally built in 1170 but today dating only from 1905, and a hundred or so private summer cottages, mostly owned by the trade unions (whose employees use the cottages in rotation) and individual families. There is also a service centre with a food store and filling station.

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