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Around 30km northeast of Borgarnes, the minuscule settlement of BIFRÖST amounts to little more than a filling station on the Ringroad. A couple of kilometres to the south and spread either side of the Ringroad, you’ll find the heather-encrusted Grábrókarhraun lavafield, formed three thousand years ago when lava spewed from three craters on the north side of the main road: Grábrók, Grábrókafell and a third cone that has now been dug up to provide gravel for road building. Otherwise, the forested shores of Hreðavatn, 1km southwest of Bifröst, make for a pleasant stroll and a picnic if the weather’s playing along; there’s also trout fishing here. Look out for plant fossils in the rocks around the lake.

Northeast of the village, the Grábrók crater can be ascended by means of a marked trail, as can the Baula rhyolite mountain (934m), 11km from Bifröst and reached along Route 60; if you don’t fancy walking from the Ringroad, you can take one of the buses heading for Búðardalur. Although the sides of this cone-shaped mountain are steep and scree-covered there are no particular obstacles to the ascent and once at the summit there’s a small shelter made of rocks.

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