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Coron Island

Most hotels and tour operators in Coron Town offer day-trips to Coron Island, an enchanting cluster of jagged limestone cliffs and peaks just fifteen minutes across the bay. The island offers truly spectacular landscapes and some rich snorkelling sites, though visitors are confined to the northern coast; Coron is the traditional home of the Tagbanua people and the rest of the island is strictly off-limits to outsiders. The Tagbanua now make most of their living from admission fees on the island, income that supplements their otherwise meagre living from fishing in the two main east coast communities of Banuangdaan (Old Coron Town) and Acabugao.

Tours involve plenty of snorkelling and swimming, and run for around P1500 for a bangka of up to four people (at Sea Dive; the boat association charges P2000), not including admission fees. Lunch is usually an extra P250 per person. In between Coron Island and Coron Town you’ll typically stop at the Siete Picados Marine Park (P100), offering a relatively rich spread of coral and marine life (sea snakes, sea fans, clownfish and whale sharks are sometimes spotted on the deeper side of the reef).

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