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Ngada villages

Bena is the prettiest and most traditional of the Ngada villages, lying about 13km south of Bajawa. To reach it, take the turn-off past the large church at Mangulewa, 5km east of Bajawa. Here they have nine different clans, in a village built on nine levels with nine Ngadhu/Bhaga couplings. It’s the central village for the local area’s religions and traditions, and one of the best places to see festivals such as weddings, planting and harvest celebrations.

Some of the finest megaliths and Ngadhu are at the twin villages of Wogo Baru and Wogo Lama, the former lying 1km south of Mataloko (30min by bemo from Bajawa). Wogo Baru is a typically charming Ngada village, but the main attraction lies about 1.5km further down the road at Wogo Lama, where some apparently neglected megaliths sit in a clearing. All of the above villages ask visitors to give a donation, but the amount is up to you.

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