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Yeh Pulu

Chipped away from a cliff face amid the rice fields, the 25-metre-long series of fourteenth-century rock-cut carvings at Yeh Pulu are a bit of a hidden treasure, without the hordes of visitors one might expect and all the more pleasant for it.

The story of the carvings is uncertain, but scenes include a man carrying two jars of water, and three stages of a boar hunt. To reach Yeh Pulu, get off the Ubud–Gianyar bemo at the signs just east of Goa Gajah or west of the Bedulu crossroads, and then walk 1km south through the hamlet of Batulumbang. You can also walk (with one of the ever-present guides) through the rice fields from Goa Gajah; guides also lead four-hour treks from Yeh Pulu through nearby countryside.

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