Morocco // The Mediterranean coast and the Rif //

South to Figuig

In past years, before the eruption of civil war in Algeria, there was a well-established travel route from Oujda, south to the ancient date palm oasis of Figuig, and across from there into the Algerian Sahara. While the latter is no longer a possibility, those into isolated journeys might still want to consider the route from Oujda to Figuig – and on from here to the southern Moroccan oasis town of Er Rachidia.

If you’re up for the trip, be warned it’s a long, hot haul: 369km from Oujda to Figuig, and a further 393km to Er Rachidia. You can travel by bus or, if you have transport, you can drive: the road is sealed all the way. Whichever way you travel, expect to explain yourself at a number of military checkpoints: this is a sensitive border area (see Police checkpoints).

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