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The drive along Trinidad’s northern coastline provides glimpses of innumerable rainforest-smothered headlands, and stopoffs at some fantastic beaches.

Parlatuvier bay © Claudio306/Shutterstock


Trinidad’s Northern Range hills offer excellent hiking, with hundreds of trails through the lush forest. Carapichaima provides a great introduction to Indo-Trinidadian culture, from the Temple in the Sea at Waterloo to the gigantic Hanuman Murti statue.

#03 Carapichaima

Carapichaima provides a great introduction to Indo-Trinidadian culture, from the Temple in the Sea at Waterloo to the gigantic Hanuman Murti statue.

Colorful ceiling with Hindu deities at Dattatreya Temple © Danita Delmont/Shutterstock


Take a pre-Carnival tour of Port of Spain’s panyards to hear practice sessions for the coveted Panorama prize.

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#05 Turtle-watching

Visit in season and you can watch leatherback turtles lay their eggs in the sand or see the hatchlings make their way to the sea.

#06 Escapism at Grande Riviere

Close to swimmable rivers and rainforest hikes, this remote and unspoiled coastal village is a fabulous place escape the crowds any time of the year.

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#07 Port of Spain nightlife

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From jumping up at an outdoor fete to dancing the night away at a club or bar, there are few reasons to go to bed early in the nation’s capital.

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#08 Trinbago cuisine

From curry crab and dumplin’ at Store Bay to gourmet Creole dishes at Chaud, T&Ts rich pot-pourri of influences has created a delicious and unique cuisine.

Traditional Creole cajun © hlphoto/Shutterstock

#09 Birdwatching at Asa Wright

This standout nature centre is one of the best places in T&T for a spot of birdwatching.

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#10 cruising along tobago's coast

A boat ride along the island’s Caribbean coast provides a spectacularly different perspective on Tobago’s scenery.

#11 trinidad's east coast

Enjoy some Trini-style beach time or explore the fantastically diverse forests and wetlands of Nariva Swamp.

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#12 Tobago’s beaches

From the emerald waters of Mount Irvine to the often-deserted Englishman’s Bay, Tobago’s beaches offer plenty of variety beyond the palm-trees-and-white-sand scene.

Englishman's Bay © Richard Semik/Shutterstock

#13 Hummingbirds at Yerette

Witness these magical little birds flitting around the sugar-water feeders of a private garden in the Maracas–St Joseph valley.

#14 Speyside diving

With intricate reefs patrolled by shoals of colourful fish, the waters offshore of Speyside are a delight.

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#15 Carnival

Whether you’re watching the parade go by or joining a mas band, Carnival is T&T’s ultimate party.

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