Florence in November: weather and climate tips

Olga Sitnitsa

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Olga Sitnitsa

updated 26.09.2023

The weather in Florence in November brings with it an autumnal charm, making it a great time to explore this iconic Italian city. In this guide, we'll give you top tips and climate advice to help you make the most of your visit to Florence in November and ensure an unforgettable experience in this enchanting city.

Is November a good month to visit Florence?

November can really be a good time to visit Florence, but it's important to weigh up the pros and cons associated with this specific month.

The good thing about visiting Florence in November is that the number of tourists is significantly reduced. With the end of the peak tourist season, popular attractions and museums are much less crowded, allowing for a quieter and more relaxed holiday.

In addition, accommodation and dining prices are reduced in November. You can often find better deals in hotels and enjoy more affordable meals at local restaurants.

Nevertheless, there are some disadvantages to consider. November is one of the wettest months in Florence and rain is quite common. It is important to be prepared for dampness and the possibility of rain.

Also, in November, the days get noticeably shorter and the sun sets earlier, which means you'll have less daylight for sightseeing and outdoor activities.

Finally, during the off-peak season in Italy, some attractions and businesses may operate at reduced hours or even close temporarily for renovations. It is therefore advisable to check the opening hours of the places you plan to visit before travelling.

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David of Michelangelo in Accademia Gallery of Florence, Galleria dell'Accademia, Italy © Shutterstock

David of Michelangelo, Galleria dell'Accademia, Italy © Shutterstock

Temperatures in Florence in November

The weather in Florence becomes cooler in November as it transitions from autumn to winter. Average daytime temperatures usually range from 12 to 15°C (54-59°F), and evenings can be even colder, with temperatures dropping to 6-9°C (43-48°F).

Water temperatures on nearby coasts, such as the Tyrrhenian Sea along the Tuscan coast, continue to get colder in November. 

Sea temperatures typically range from 15 to 18°C (59 to 64°F). While this temperature is suitable for walking along the coast and enjoying the scenic views, it is no longer suitable for swimming and water activities for most visitors.

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Can it rain in Florence in November?

November is one of the wettest months in Florence, and rain is quite common at this time of year. When planning a visit to Florence in November you should be prepared for precipitation and the possibility of wet and cloudy weather. 

The amount of rainfall can vary, so it is recommended to bring an umbrella and rain gear to be well prepared to explore the city in rainy conditions. 

It should be noted, however, that despite the rain, Florence retains its cultural charm and offers numerous indoor attractions, allowing you to enjoy the city's art, history and cuisine even on rainy days.

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 Michelangelo's David and Bartolommeo Bandinelli's Hercules and Cacus by Palazzo Vecchio on Square Piazza della Signoria in Florence, Italy © Shutterstock

Michelangelo's David, Florence, Italy © Shutterstock

What should I pack with me?

When packing for your trip, the first thing to consider is the weather in Florence in November, with its low temperatures and the likelihood of rain.

When choosing clothes, favour layering and warmth. The weather in Florence in November can be quite chilly, especially in the evenings. It is wise to bring long-sleeved shirts, jumpers and cardigans. These items will not only keep you warm but will also allow you to adjust your clothing depending on the temperature variations throughout the day.

You should also take a medium jacket or coat, and even better if it is waterproof or with a waterproof layer to protect you from the rain. It's a good idea to bring a scarf and gloves to keep you warm, especially on chilly evenings.

For walking around the city, ensure you have comfortable boots. Make sure they have a good grip, as wet streets can become slippery. Don't forget to take an umbrella and rain gear to protect yourself from possible downpours, as November in Florence is one of the wettest months.

Cathedral of Saint Mary of the Flower in Florence © Shutterstock

Cathedral of Saint Mary of the Flower in Florence © Shutterstock

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Santa Maria Novella church in Florence © onairda/Shutterstock

Santa Maria Novella church in Florence © onairda/Shutterstock

What to do in Florence in November

Visiting Florence in November offers a unique blend of cultural experiences and a variety of seasonal activities.

November is a great time to visit some of Florence's world-class galleries. The Uffizi Gallery and the Galleria dell'Accademia are a must-see. There are fewer tourists in the galleries this month and you can immerse yourself in the art of masters like Botticelli, Michelangelo and Leonardo da Vinci without the usual crowds.


If you're in search of a unique gastronomic experience - head to Mercato Centrale, Florence's central market. Here you can not only buy fresh produce, regional specialities and handicrafts, but also savour traditional Tuscan dishes.

See a film

Florence also hosts two notable film festivals in November. Festival dei Popoli is dedicated to documentaries and offers the opportunity to experience thought-provoking and artistic cinema. The Lo Schermo dell'Arte festival showcases films and videos related to contemporary art, attracting art and film lovers.


If you love sporting events, don't miss the Florence Marathon. Held annually in November, the marathon is a scenic route through the city's historic streets, providing a unique opportunity to explore the beauty of Florence.

Autumn fair

There's plenty to do outside of Florence in November too. The nearby town of Scarperia hosts the Fiera di San Martino, a traditional autumn fair. It offers a taste of local Tuscan culture, with crafts, food and entertainment. 

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Olga Sitnitsa

written by
Olga Sitnitsa

updated 26.09.2023

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