Best time to visit Oman


Oman’s climate is typical of the Arabian peninsula, with blisteringly hot summers and pleasantly mild, Mediterranean winters. During the summer months (March/April to September/October) almost the entire country is scorchingly hot; from May to July the thermometer can often nudge up into the 40°C. Visiting during this period is best avoided, with the exception of Salalah, where temperatures remain bearable thanks to the annual khareef which descends from June to August or early September. It’s a memorable time to visit the area, even if accommodation gets booked solid and prices go through the roof. The winter months (October/November to February/March) are pleasantly temperate by contrast; with an almost Mediterranean climate and daytime temperatures rarely climbing much above 30°C, this is the best time to visit Oman. Evenings and nights at this time of year can be pleasantly breezy and even occasionally slightly chilly especially up on the cool heights of the Saiq Plateau and other elevated spots in the mountains. Excepting Salalah during the khareef, the entire country is extremely arid, and rainfall is rare – although don’t be surprised if you experience a modest shower or two, most likely from December through to March.

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