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From relics of its Teutonic heritage and the fall of the USSR and from the Tatra Mountains to the Northern shore, Poland has many treasures to reveal. Use our map of Poland to discover the country's greatest natural and cultural features.

In Kraków, walk around the Kazimierz and the Old Town to get a sense of the city’s Jewish heritage and its years as the royal capital. While you are there, don’t forget to taste Poland’s famous cuisine, and of course vodka, in one of the city’s popular canteens.

Don’t underestimate Poland’s natural beauty; hiking in the National Park of the Białowieźa Forest or in the Bieszczady mountains, you may be lucky enough to see one of Europe’s last wild bisons, wolves, bears or eagles; and Słowiński National Park and the Mazurian Lakes will also offer you out-of-time landscapes.

If you are planning to travel, check out Poland itineraries, read more on the best places to go in Poland, learn about getting there and where to stay once you are there.

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