Peru // Nasca and the south coast //

Pampa Galeras Vicuña Reserve

Some 90km inland from Nasca, and well signposted at Km 89 of the Nasca–Cusco road, the Pampa Galeras Vicuña Reserve is one of the best places in Peru to see the vicuña, a llama-like animal with very fine wool. The vicuña have lived for centuries in the area of reserve, which is now maintained as their natural habitat and contains more than five thousand of the creatures.

The vicuña themselves are not easy to spot. When you do notice a herd, you’ll see it move as if it were a single organism. They flock together and move swiftly in a tight wave, bounding gracefully across the hills. The males are strictly territorial, protecting their patches of scrubby grass by day, then returning to the rockier heights as darkness falls.

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