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Museo Arqueológico Larco Herrera

The quiet backstreets of Pueblo Libre are home to one of Lima’s most unusual attractions, the Museo Arqueológico Larco Herrera, which contains hundreds of thousands of excellently preserved ceramics, many of them Chiclin or Mochica pottery from around Trujillo. The mansion itself is noteworthy as a stylish casa Trujillana, in the style of the northern city where this collection was originally kept. The museum houses the largest collection of Peruvian antiquities in the world and is divided into three sections: the main museum, which contains an incredible range of household and funerary ceramics; the warehouse museum, with shelf after shelf stacked with ceramics; and the erotic art museum, holding a wide selection of sexually themed pre-Inca artefacts – mainly from the explicit Mochica culture – which tends to attract the most interest.

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