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The rodoviária (t 48/3644-0208) is at Rua Arcângelo Bianchini, a couple of minutes’ walk from the waterfront and the old town. Located at the official entrance to town, 3km from central Laguna on Avenida Calistralo Muller Salles is the tourist office (Mon–Sat 8am–6pm, Sun 8am–1pm; t 48/3644-2441), which provides excellent maps of Laguna and the surrounding area.

Most of Laguna’s hotels and restaurants are in the new town, alongside and parallel to the Praia do Mar Grosso, the city’s main beach. Hotels here tend to be large and fairly expensive, but moderately priced exceptions are the Mar Grosso, Av. Senador Galotti 644 (t 48/3644-0298; R$41-70), the Hammerse, Av. João Pinho 492 (t 48/3647-0598, w; R$71-120), and the Monte Líbano, Av. João Pinho 198 (t 48/3647-0671; R$41-70). There’s also a youth hostel at Rua Aurélio Rótolo 497; reservations are essential from Christmas to February and in July (t 48/3647-0675, [email protected]; R$41-70). The clutch of seafood restaurants in the middle of Avenida Senador Galotti is good, though there’s little to distinguish one from another.

Apart from during Carnaval, rooms in the old town are easy to find. The Hotel Farol Palace (t 48/3644-0596; R$71-120), on the waterfront opposite the market, is a good choice. There are also a couple of extremely cheap dormitórios behind the hotel. Restaurants in this part of town are uninspiring, the best being two pizzerias on Praça Juliana.

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