Oman // The Western Hajar //

Getting to Izki

Approaching from Muscat, take the exit off Highway 15 signed Izki and Qaroot al Janubiah then follow the main road into town for about 2km until you see a sign saying “Izki 4km” on your left. From Nizwa, take the road through Birkat al Mawz towards Nizwa, passing through about 5km of built-up straggle to reach the “Izki 4km” sign (on your right). Turn right/left (depending on which direction you’re approaching from) at the sign and follow the road for about 3km through mostly open countryside until you reach a roundabout. Take the (unsigned) right-hand turning here. This road runs alongside the oasis then veers right, narrowing as it passes through the oasis, and then climbs the ridge beyond, which is where you’ll find the old town and fort.

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