Turkey // The Turquoise Coast //

Iztuzu beach

Tourism and turtles have been made to coexist uneasily on the beautiful hard-packed sand of İztuzu beach. Be sure to look out for turtle nests, which can all too easily be trampled on. Turtle tracks – scrapings where the creatures have hauled themselves up onto the beach to lay their eggs – are visible in the sand during June and July. The marshes immediately behind are often alive with other wildlife too, while the approach road is lined with flowering oleander bushes, as well as trees deformed by high winter winds.

Lack of shade is a problem, though at the river end of the beach you can rent a couple of sunbeds and an umbrella for TL9. The two identical and expensive snack kiosks, at either end of the beach, only sell crisps, ice cream, gözleme and sandviç, so it’s best to bring some food. Umbrellas, whose masts damage the turtle nests, are not permitted from a line of squat marker-stakes down to the sea, and all access to the beach is banned at night in summer. Thanks to wind exposure, the water can be choppy and murky, but the gently shelving sea bed makes İztuzu excellent for children.

You can also be ferried across the river mouth (don’t swim, there are dangerous currents) to a smaller, more peaceful beach, shaded by some pines.

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