#01 Dog sledding

Dog sledding is a magical way to see northern Sweden in winter.

#01 Snowmobiling

#02 River-rafting, Värmland

Build your own raft and glide down the graceful Klarälven River, taking in some of Sweden’s scenery.

#02 River-rafting, Värmland

#03 Lund Domkyrkan

This twelfth-century cathedral is the finest Romanesque building in northern Europe.

#04 Swimming in a lake

Amongst Sweden’s 100,000 lakes, you’re bound to find one you can call your own.

#03 Swimming in a lake

 #05 Midnight sun

From late May to mid-July the sun never sets in northern Sweden.

#04 Midnight sun

#06 Gotland Beaches

Stretches of white sandy beaches and clear, warm waters are perfect places to relax and play in the summer sun.

#07 Birka

Get to grips with Sweden’s stirring Viking past on this Stockholm island.

#05 Birka

#08 Smorgasboard

Eat until you drop: the smorgasbord is a perfect way to sample Sweden’s excellent cuisine.

#06 Smorgasbord

#09 Sámi culture, Lapland

Sights such as Jokkmokk market and Fatmomakke village in Lapland are monuments to the thriving culture of Sweden’s indigenous population.

#07 Sámi culture, Lapland

#10 Gothenburg's Kontsmuseum

Poseidon stands guard outside Gothenburg’s art museum – home to some of Sweden’s finest paintings from the turn of the last century

#08 Gothenburg’s Konstmuseum

#11 Ice Hotel

One of the most unusual structures in Europe, the Icehotel is a masterpiece of snow and ice sculpture.

#09 Icehotel

#12 Gammelstad, Luleå

Proudly listed as a UNESCO World Heritage site, Gammelstad is Sweden’s largest church town.

#10 Gammelstad, Luleå

#13 Visby

Explore the cobbled lanes and medieval church ruins of this Hanseatic walled city.

#11 Visby

#14 Gamla Stan, Stockholm

Enjoy a fika (coffee and cake) in one of the open-air cafés in Stockholm’s atmospheric Old Town.

#12 Gamla Stan, Stockholm

#15 Stockholm Archipelago

No visit to Stockholm is complete without a trip to one of the 24,000 islands that make up the archipelago.

#13 Stockholm archipelago

#16 Inlandsbanan

A trip on the Inlandsbanan through northern Sweden is one of Europe’s great train journeys.

#14 Inlandsbanan

#17 Vasa Warship, Stockholm

After lying in mud for centuries at the bottom of Stockholm harbour, the mighty Vasa has been restored to her former glory.

#15 Vasa ship, Stockholm

#18 Crossing the Arctic Circle

Don’t leave Sweden without crossing the magical Arctic Circle, 66° 33’ north.

#16 Crossing the Arctic Circle

#19 Herring

The quintessential Swedish dish, best enjoyed with a cold beer or a shot of akvavit.

#17 Herring

#20 Bohuslän Coast

Sweden’s most enchanting stretch of coastline with smooth rocky outcrops perfect for sunbathing.


#21 Kalmar Slott

Take a tour around one of Sweden’s finest castles, and marvel at its medieval magnificence.


#22 Jokkmokk winter market

The Jokkmokk winter market sells everything from bearskins to candlesticks.

#23 Europe's last wilderness

Explore the wild, rugged and remote far north on the Kungsleden hiking trail.

#19 Europe’s last wilderness

#24 Orsa Rovdjurspark

Europe’s biggest bear park is the perfect place to see Sweden’s greatest predator in its natural habitat.

#25 A sauna and a splash

The perfect end to a long day, a Swedish sauna traditionally finishes with a roll in the snow or a plunge into cold water.

#20 A sauna and a splash

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